Dear TC thank you

Please stop exploiting us loyal fans, new fans, casual and mlg gamers. You promised us all content would be earnable through playing and unlocking in the tour of duty/operations. And yet you have an absolutely disgusting store model set up for “exclusive” content, which are just awful skins. This would not be that terrible if you made iron a bit more easily earned…but facing the facts the grind is god awful for iron too. This game isn’t free to play, like promised, tour of duty simply unlocks the campaign skins, and a few swarm skins. There are no characters there to unlock. Yes the game is on gamepass, but that doesn’t mean its free to play, it means you pay a monthly subscription to play a list of games until they rotate that game out after a time period, meaning even gamepass users will eventually have to purchase this game. I suspect you didn’t plan out the guest actors, and guest characters fully and I’m giving you the benefit that is the reason for such monetization, you need to make sure you don’t get sued by the other franchises and guest voices you added instead of original Gears of War content.