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Dear TC, PLEASE stop putting logos on the weapon skins

You guys are putting out some nice looking skins that get ruined by putting a logo on them. The Team Ice and Rock skins look so much better without the Gears logo. I think the same thing with the new Overture skins.

We Know what game we’re playing,We know what streams we’re watching. Theres no need for logos on any skins


Excellent, initiate Operation B****ing…I mean eh, yes I agree they do ruin the skins.


This is an amazing idea. Never have I seen a more well thought out and articulate comment in the history of the internet.

TC, please consider this.


This is a different matter but can there be less skins with the omen? I mean, it almost feels like they are obsessive about putting the damn thing on skins. Pixel Omen, Team Rock and Ice, the Celestial skins which have been hinted at coming to the Store eventually… are there any other sets with it? At least a few of the better looking sets had an omen slapped on them for no obvious reason and I don’t think it looks that great on most of these.

But otherwise? Yeah, the logo on the skins really is so unnecessary.

With all these crossovers such as Halo and Terminator I feel we need these logos to remind us we didn’t boot up a different game. I don’t know about y’all but I don’t think I could differentiate between Halo and Gears at this point.


For Omens so far we’ve got:

  • Graffiti
  • Halloween
  • Ice (Seagate HDD set)
  • Pixel
  • Team Ice
  • Team Rock
  • Overture
  • Surf
  • Celestial (coming next week)

I’d say yeah, maybe lacking a little in originality thus far.

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I want a skin that is covered with omens and logos everywhere like a wallpaper pattern.


I agree that skins like team rock shouldn’t have them. And TC already listened and removed the gears 5 logo. I think esports should still have it though because people who don’t know the game as much will wonder where the skin came from. I also think they should have kept the gears 4 esports logo. The gears 5 esports logo is just another omen that doesn’t looks special at all. We have enough omens. Also on that note the esports champ trophy is so garbage. Gears 4 it was a detachable gnasher. Gears5 it’s a variation of captain America’s shield :joy:


How about a skin that shows how much $€£ you spent on Iron


Neon and San Diego skins also have

The closest is the gears 4 cash prize skin that was just all dollar bills. But that not a bad idea. A skin that has a number of how much iron you’ve spent. Just for good measure the skin itself will cost at least $10 :joy:

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In what sense? The gameplay and aesthetic are both completely different, right down to the perspective you play them from.

Anyway, to the topic at hand, I’m on board. I’m glad they said they’d stop putting “Gears 5” on skins, and now I’d like them to tone it down with the Omens on everything. It’s a big part of the reason I prefer the Team Metal skins, over the Team Rock ones. Nice and clean. No cogs and omens in sight.

However, on some skins, it makes sense,. The Overture skins just have the Gears esports logo on them, for example - which makes sense. Halloween? Sure, why not.

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I don’t think his post was meant to be taken seriously…

Some people’s amount wouldn’t even fit on the skin. Sad…


How about a dynamic skin that shows how many players you’ve killed with that weapon on it? Or a dynamic skin that gets more elaborate as you hit different statistical milestones while using it?

How about a skin that shows your current Tour rank on it? Or an animated skin that changes colour/texture to showswhich PvP tier you’re on?


I mean you could have 7x10^9 for example…

If it’s too big for that you’ve found the sole person responsible for Iron :laughing:


I am still looking at your post and saying “its 70 not 9” ha! I need more coffee :woozy_face:

A tiny Gears Omen or name plate ar ok on most weapons at the very back but NOT at the front of the barrel imo!

Yet you guys and gals have to admit it is kinda funny. It’s simply so dumb and stupid :joy: And then there is the fact people actually have to point out it’s dumb and stupid before someone at TC even realizes it’s dumb and stupid.

I can’t think of a single human being on both Earth and Sera who’d want to see the logo of the game (or war) they are playing on their weapons. Basic knowledge.

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Disagree.My favorite part of the new Overture skins and the Team Rock skins are the Omens. Now do they need to say “Gears 5” like on the pumpkin skins? Probably not. But i love the Omen on weapon skins.


Also, you could always just use a skin without an logo…theres options ya know