Dear TC, please separate lobbies by ping

Dear TC,
first of all thx for the updates and tryin to fix the Game. But your last gnasher update was not a good decision as long as you don’t separate the lobbys by pings. It doesn’t matter of you change the gib range and damage and all the stuff If the Lobby is full with high pingers. They SPONGE the shots!!! Doesn’t matter if gib range or not. I don’t know how you test those updates before they go online, but it seems you are assuming that everyone got the Same ping in lobbys/matchmaking. And surprise surprise its NOT. There Must be a way to separate lobbys by pings. I mean we are in 2020. how is this not possible??? The Same was in gears of war 4,and you was informed about this issue through the Community. And nothing happened!!! So If means i have to wait longer for a balanced,fair and a Match with equal pings i up to it!!! Instead of playin a Match within a minute just to get frustrated the whole Match. To See that i get robbed for the kills i should have got. This is so dissapointin and frustrating. Sry for grammar


I agree. It’s a total sponge fest. But the player base is so small it makes no sense to separate ping players. But that is a good idea!

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No, nobody would find other players, everyone would only play with and against bots

If you want to separate lobbies by Ping you run into the issue that every country plagued by Phase 3 of the matchmaking update is waiting for.

90+ minute queues for quick play that don’t find any matches.

Ranked queues of 3 hours plus for TDM/KotH that don’t find matches.

I’ve been experiencing this for four months now because I live in Australia and don’t wish these issues on anyone else personally.

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The main thing this game needs is strict ping filters that keep those with large spikes out of ranked lobbies. I can live with the high ping but a constantly fluctuating ping that changes the feel second to second isn’t acceptable.

It’s sad I even have to say it but having WiFi issues or infrastructure issues isn’t an excuse to ruin the game for others. I can understand how higher pings happen as it’s generally location from server. But fluctuations are on the end user and these players need to be kept away.


Yes please.
Shoddy pings lumped together by shoddy matchmaking killed my interest in g4 and is rapidly killing my interest in g5.

That said even in a lobby with ping no further than 20ms apart, the game is still often plays janky, has people teleporting about and has numerous hit detection issues.

The whole networking infrastructure needs a ground up rebuild tbh.

Tc would love to do that…unfortunately their reporting a downturn in playerbase…to do it😁

I pray for the day the Mexican players get blocked from lobbies. Not only for their horrible lag fests but also for other reasons we shall not mention as its not on topic.

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Agree 100%. Stable, high pings are fine. Fluctuations even on very low pings should be filtered. If you’re jumping from 25ms to 80ms or higher constantly you are wrecking the game.

I just wish the lag comp mechanism TC uses would go away. It tries to adjust to the fluctuations making the game feel awful. Higher pings should just be at a disadvantage. Period.

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