Dear TC achievments not popping

Anyone else experienced this? Mastered an escape map without shooting a single bullet. None of both Achievments popped. Mastering appears in the Tour of Duty and Stats. Tried already restarting gears5 and a Hard reset but nothing happened unfortunately. It was on map The Surge.


I’m still waiting for two campaign achievements to pop. I’ve never had an issue with achievements popping until Gears 5.

Any Information from TC? Did they post anything?

On the Gears 5 support page, it says they’ve “resolved” the campaign progress issue, but I’ve seen other players on the forums say they’re still missing achievements as well.

Thx for info buddy,so this will take a loooot of Time Till they fixed it.

Have the same problem. The “Master of My Domain” achievement does not track or unlock on this map for me and neither did “Brought a Knife to a Gun Fight”. It’s the first hive that I managed to complete this way and sad to see my hard work didn’t pay off.

campaign achievements stopped popping for me even after reset and completion

Played again the surge and got the Knife in a gun Battle achievment, but still didnt got the achievment for completing the difficulties

Are you saying you played through the campaign a second time and your achievements still didn’t pop? Because I’m currently redoing the campaign chapters that didn’t track the first time, and I’ll be really mad if the achievements don’t pop again.

i did once. and it stop popping . but i am playing it again with someone so maybe they will?

Hopefully that works!

Edit: I played through the campaign chapters that didn’t pop for me before, and I got the achievements.

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