Dear Developers - Please Read - Horde - Lizzie Glitch Causes Team Lag Out. Serious Error (Main)

Lizzie Silverback Server Crash (Video a Day - January 28, 2020)

Bug: Server crashes and all players “lose connection”.
Cause: Lizzie’s Silverback loses all HP before Ultimate Ability timer runs out.

Date: January 28, 2020
Time: 7.14AM (US-Eastern)
Map: Vasgar
Difficulty: Master
Wave: 50


  1. Bleeding Mulcher
  2. Healing Trishot
  3. Cold Finish
  4. Aggresive Armor
  5. Healing Explosives
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Ouch wv 50


Not sure why hosts are risking havin lizzie in…needs a confirmed fix🙄

Happens in Escape too. My and my buddies were playing the other day and kept lagging out. One of my friends was playing as Lizzie.

Our team have managed to track down a potential fix for this - still pending QA confirmation. Thank you to everyone who helped us narrow down this issue (I’ve hit it myself!).

Should we have a verified fix, we’ll talk to the team about fix deployment timelines and update you as soon as we have them.


Great news :slight_smile:

Also shows how detailed bug reports with videos can make things so much easier for developers to narrow down :slight_smile:


Yesterday I came across a new glitch for me regarding Jack. Whenever I picked up a weapon I could not drop it. I had to put it in the forge or a locker. If I picked up a grenade I had to repair/heal or zap something before dropping the grenade became available.

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Well harro there :wink:

Noice. Thanks.

Any news on a date when this will be fixed? Every game kicks a Lizzie because the bug is so bad.

Why is this still an issue 3 weeks later?, i’m sorry but TC you have taken my money for a faulty product . You should have a duty care too compensate and a refund all who purchased , thankyou!


If they can not fix this issue, then just remove Lizzie completely and refund those who have paid for her.
As it stands nobody will let Lizzie in lobby’s making her useless


Coz TC is falling apart, that’s why. Did you see the last what’s up? Basically nothing in it lol. Rod is gone.

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Keep this thread alive so developers get off their ■■■■ and reply. Not replying and total silence is really bad.


Guess what they did? In the dev stream of this week, they kind of by the side mentioned Lizzie’s Silverback bug will only be fixed in a future Title Update so very likely only when Operation 3 launches🙄

So yeah… yay, more weeks where Lizzie is an useless character unless you do solo runs with her, or can convince people to trust you to not use the Silverback.


You mean convince them that you won’t get Silverback destroyed, cos you can still use it. Bug happens when enemy destroys Silverback.

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Yeah well, most people won’t want to take the risk. What if the game decides to pull BS on you and get it destroyed when you did nothing wrong?

No chance when you have Healing Tri-Shot, Healing Munitions and Salvo Scion doesn’t kill you or your SB.

What about Horde then? Swarmak rockets or that, because of TC logic, a “earthquake” ground wave that merely staggers your character instantly destroys fortifications or the Silverback? Or when a Matriarch spike hits anything, that also insta kills forts and Silverbacks(or when charged into).

Don’t summon one. Same counts for Boomshot Scion, DR-1 Devastator, Sentinel, Dropshot Scion and Ice Scion. It should be fine against ground units and with cover at times.