Dear Developers - Please Read - Horde - Lizzie Glitch Causes Team Lag Out. Serious Error (Main)

My guess here is that because of how the freezing Mulchers pretty much counter the Silverback completely in the new Escape hive, it is much more likely for people to encounter it in that particular hive, which may make some think it is related to the hive in particular when it can affect anyone.

But using the Silverback and not getting it destroyed seems to be absolutely fine. I’ve certainly so far had 100% reliability on the game not crashing when using it and having the ult timer expire.

The Freezing Mulchers do extra damage I guess. As they cause damage to us, we also freeze and as a result we take progressively more of that extra freeze-damage too.

Octus acknowledged the bug on Twitter the other day so they’re aware of it. Hopefully a fix will arrive quickly.

I was more referring to them in particular because the Silverback is a bigger, easier to hit target than a human player, thus making it more prone to freeze damage, and once it’s frozen the first time, it’s also subsequently easier for the Scions to freeze it again by getting closer. Bit of a vicious cycle, or at least one that is very difficult to get out of. Though from memory, the freeze itself only makes you take extra damage once you’re fully frozen. Partial freeze mostly appears to slow you down.

So yeah… don’t summon your Silverback on The Line as long as there is a Mulcher Scion alive or if you can’t find good cover from the Mulchers!

Yeah, I just ran into that thread yesterday after checking the Search again. Didn’t realize it was such an issue. I only found out Lizzie was the problem after seeing it written as one of the requirements in Escape custom matches. I lagged out a lot of players in Incon and Master matches :man_facepalming:.

This what I was thinking also.

Please post any clips you have (try to include at least a 30 second lead up if possible) of crashing/disconnecting while using lizzie/the silverback here.

These videos will help TC to investigate the bug.

The more info they have, the sooner they can fix it people, let’s rally!!

I have merged all the Lizzie threads into this one because there were too many. It’s better all in one place.


I remember that you could crash the server while playing 2v2 on Gears 4 until a patch fixed it. I don’t remember ever seeing patch notes but it was definitely an issue.

If an enemy was downed and the opposing team picked up their body to end the round and “plastered them into the wall repeatedly”, the whole server would crash.


Bump, same problem over here.

Just picked up Lizzie and if your Silverback gets destroyed the whole Lobby crashes, has happened twice so far and is pretty game-breaking. :frowning:

Still getting game crashes in Escape when Lizzie uses Silverback.

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Yeah, It’s been pretty annoying last couple of days. Seems almost every horde I’ve played one player leaves the game around wave 30. Some waves later a Lizzie joins and the game crashes when she activates the Silverback. Public horde is almost unplayable at the moment in my opinion.

As some other people have mentioned, it’s unlikely this will be fixed without a downloaded update unfortunately. People reckon this came as a result of fixing the pre-TU4 bug that affected the Silverback and negative scores occuring, and while fixing this somehow TC managed to cause this one. It’s unlikely TC can just fix this behind the scenes just like that.

@FC_Raptor_660, I believe we just ran horde on All Fathers (edit) together yesterday. Anyway, from what I can gather on the Lizzie crash is that it occurs when the Silverback has lost all of its health. So it doesn’t seem to crash if you use the full time and are ejected from the Silverback, but if you if it looses all of its health and tries to eject you at that point the crash occurs. That was my experience, and I had read someone had tested that theory.

I’m fairly certain that the crash issues are largely related to the Silverback losing all of its health. I once “tested” it by getting caught in several Salvo rockets at once on a solo Escape run(the Salvo Scion in Escape deals a ridiculously overblown amount of damage). The game basically acted like a connection loss happened, but not even allowing you to use the pause menu to go back to the lobby or main menu. What I also noticed was that the ult meter didn’t turn dark again and instead was left as if the ult was still running. Unfortunately I forgot to record the incident happening at the time.

I can attest to this happening twice this past weekend. I both cases there were flying Guardians in play. Howeve when I was playing as Lizzie this weekend myself there were no crashes. However again my Lizzie was low level. 11. So I did not have any healing cards equipped to the silverback. Only the crying cannon and bleeding mulcher.

I’ve had the game crash/disconnect in Escape when Lizzie initially calls the Silverback, even when she is around the corner and away from the entrance to a room. No way she could have taken damage but it still crashed.

Scoops great run yesterday on “All Fathers”. I’m sure at this point it’s when the SilverBack looses all health. Did a run last night on “Lift” on master, and my wife deployed lizzie by acident. Luckily it did not get destroyed, and were able to finish.

REMEMBER TO POST THE DATE AND TIME OF YOUR HORDE MATCH so the devs can check the server logs while they investigate the bug.

Thinking about posting a video a day of the bug in this thread until it’s fixed.

Please see link for short vid I’ve uploaded. Swarmak destroyed silverback game play froze but I could access start menu 5 seconds later game returned to stats menu

Sorry on mobile phone


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Just played harbour…wv 39 crash with a lizzie in😑


Lizzie Silverback Server Crash (Video a Day - January 27, 2020)

Bug: Server crashes and all players “lose connection” when Lizzie’s Silverback loses all HP before Ultimate Ability timer runs out.

Date: January 27, 2020
Time: 7.44PM (US-Eastern)
Map: Asylum
Difficulty: Master
Wave: 50


  1. Bleeding Mulcher
  2. Healing Trishot
  3. Cold Finish
  4. Aggresive Armor
  5. Healing Explosives
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