Dear Developers - Please Read - Horde - Lizzie Glitch Causes Team Lag Out. Serious Error (Main)

yes of course. count me in… :slight_smile:

ill add you today @Duffman_GB youll see an invitation on xbox .

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Pubs 2moz duff…I’ll av bout 2 n half hrs m8

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Can confirm.

Did Masters on District wave 48. Last 2 enemies were guardians and a pain trying to down. Silverback came out and then crashed at that time. I was host but was not running Lizzie. What’s odd as that Lizzie deployed the silverback a couple of times in the early rounds but did not crash.

End of wave 48 crash was brutal to say the least. C’mon Coalition, let’s have a patch for this asap.

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@Duffman_GB Duff …@The_Bozzmeister…has msgd n will play 3 tomorrow :+1:

Probs best to leave lizzie out of the equation at the minute…just another glitch/bug in the game …criminal what tc have got away with…despite what any do gooders say🙄


This sucks. Game is so unenjoyable on every mode. Can’t even play horde the way you want to. Now I have to avoid games with Lizzie…

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Crazy i hosted a game today…dell, keegan,marcus, fahz n random player…difficulty experienced…fun game n team worked for the win…this game on higher difficulties is boring…quite like having lizzie in with no jd, baird, kait ect…but as you say…something else broken🙄


Yep,Lizzie is a problem.
Silverback destroyed and server kicked me out,been a host or not,it doesn’t matter.
It happens 100% of the time.


Gotta leave old lizzie at home orson🤣

FFS I’ve just got Lizzie and trying to level her up, so if I don’t use ult ,there would be no problem ?

Not sure intense…would avoid until confirmed fix maybe😑

This is a true bug needing fixed

Every time I have tried since last update game crashes when Lizzie activates her ultimate after circa wave 35. Before that there is no problem. It is not related to the Silverback being destroyed for me. It enough that it is getting deployed. But it only happens if done during last circa 15 waves.


Recently I played Horde hosted by Lizzie. Wave 40… Matriarch as a boss… and the game crashed… :roll_eyes:


I’ve noticed that when you use Lizzie, in the Silverback, in the new Escape map when you evac, she glitches the game to were everyone gets forced out the match, once you reach the end. Has anyone else noticed this?

Lizzie. Breaks. All. Game. Types. Idk if you were new to this knowledge but avoid Lizzie in randoms please :).

Not true. I’ve played with her and it’s just started happening in the new hive.

No, it happens on other maps and Horde too. There’s an entire thread on it. We know pretty much what triggers it. It seems if the Silverback gets destroyed before the time limit for the ability runs down, it crashes the game.

So it is an… ULTIMATE BUG! :sunglasses: