Dear Developers - Please Read - Horde - Lizzie Glitch Causes Team Lag Out. Serious Error (Main)

All you need to do is play horde with lizzie and use her silverback special. sometime during horde it will lag out you from the match. hop back in with your party at some point it will lag the whole team and cancel.

I’m not going to do it again and waste 2 hours of gameplay to do this. my team isn’t. we lost a lot of heavily invested “insane/elite” matches for this. . i’m sorry but i hope someone else can do this.

I can confirm that the match disconnection is definitely caused by the Silverback being destroyed and reduced to 0 HP. Just instead of the Silverback blowing up, the lobby does, lol.

Me and my Escape buddy figured it out last night while running some usual strats on Master. He was host, I was Lizzie, every time. The issue took us by surprise, but we eventually recreated it with the above and had it happen, every time.

For those that still want to play Lizzie, go ahead. Her neutral game perks like the Stim and freeze finish cards are top tier and make her versatile just by themselves. As a matter of fact, you can even still use the Silverback, just as long as it doesn’t get destroyed by the enemy. You can still let the timer run out on it and exit just fine, as usual. This just means that you have to be more strategic with how you use it, at least until the glitch is fixed.

The Tri-Shot is great for keeping the thing alive while under fire, but the Silverback will also heal itself like a player does when it doesn’t take damage for a few moments. So, the Silverback can still be great for lower intensity encounters like in the Clock but not great for pushing through areas where it can get melted like in Last Stand or even now the Line where freezing Mulchers utterly neuter it.

Still viable in high level Escape, but in high level Horde where it is much less predictable? Yeah, probably not worth trying it there for the time being.


I’ve been having this problem too, and it’s ALWAYS when an ice scion kills the silverback, nothing else does it for me. It’s super annoying too coz ice scions ■■■■■■■ insta-freeze the silverback. Once it’s got you with it, there’s no escaping, it’s straight up RIP.

My friend tried Lizzie in horde + escape last night. I think TC might have fixed it as no one lagged out.

Anyone else confirm?

The bug-crash only occurs if the Silverback takes so much damage that it gets destroyed (as in, the Silverback’s HP goes to zero). If it self-destructs because the time allowed for the Ultimate ability lapses, then you’re okay.

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Is the lizzie silverback crash still happening don’t wanna start a masters with her if so?


Cheers I’ll just use her cold finish then won’t risk it heard it’s only if it gets destroyed but on master will be hard to control that lol

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Yep,still happening,but be happy,they fixed the bleeding mulcher card.

Please help out by posting some video to this thread!

Happening yesterday and today. Non stop after bout 10 waves.

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The proud band of the TITANIC .


Could it be related to this?


Possible, as I have been lizzie in each.

Peeps asking in the dev stream about lizzie crashing games…their ignoring it…pretty much like everything else not getting addressed🙄


you’re part of the titanic band man… and I respect you… we have to go down with the ship :smile:


A good description for everything 5 dan🤣


Gears 2 n 3 horde dan…the original n best m8😎


I don’t have anything left in the gaming world , since gears 5 its unplayable still… at least i have this stage to entertain people man :smile:


yeah man Ill look you up … i have to play gears 3 again my friend… ill send you message :slight_smile:

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