Dear Developers - Please Read - Horde - Lizzie Glitch Causes Team Lag Out. Serious Error (Main)

So there is a huge error when Lizzie uses her special silverback in Horde. It can cause frequent lag out. So much so can even lag out the whole match for the whole team.


I started a thread on Jan 10th that read,"Am I causing people’s game to crash playing as Lizzie."This was before the update, but my most recent crashes have been while the Silverback was deployed. The crashes are late in the game at wave 38 and 44 to be exact, but it was deployed many times before the crash. Before the update only the one person affected would crash, but now it’s the whole team. I have also had crashes without a Lizzie in the game, so I don’t know. There is a thread on that topic already. I’ve had zero issues in escape.



Think this has been our issue?

In our most recent crash, it was wave 25, I was host, I was Lizzie.
I had popped my ultimate, used it for a bit, and I had either taken full damage and/or was at the end of the time available to use the Silverback. Then it wasn’t responsive (I couldn’t exit or shoot). Then we were kicked to the score screen. That’s how I remember it. This was the evening after the TU4 update.



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Comrades, I had the same issue on the night of the update. Since then I’ve played very little but had a handful of friends mention the problem too.

Just had another full team disconnection. This time it was on Lift shortly after the first boss wave. Lizzie’s Ultimate was coming to an end (I was watching her as Jack) when we all ‘lagged out’ and saw the following message:

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This is exactly how it went for me. I was fighting a guardian or sentinel each time. I just had my first crash playing escape going up against a Salvo Scion.
I was Lizzie in these games.

Its the silverback dying thats causing the crash for me, i can even force it in a solo game, only noticed tthis since the update tho. Guess its the shelf for her.

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Christ. They just can’t go a single update without seriously messing something up that shouldn’t even have been affected by any of the changes made unless their code is somehow a weird web that is fully entangled with each other where one change to any mode can have effects on other things which don’t have anything to do with that change.

I hope they read this.

Interesting, before the update a friend of mine experienced Xbox (base model) freeze when deploying the silverback at the end of the hive The Clock possibly due to number of spawning enemies .

I would take a guess pointing to some sort of memory problem with the silverback in different scenarios, such as:

  • Silverback deploy with N number of enemies results in crash

  • Silverback deploy in certain combat situations results in crash

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Dear Coalition, please read this.

I believe its atleast on thier radar due to this response.


Team is looking into this one, but if you have more details or clips of this happening please reach out with them through support. If possible, please include date/time of the match, card combinations, etc. Even the smallest detail could help the team. Feel free to send me your ticket numbers if you do submit.


If you want to re-create the Lizzie Silverback server crash with 100% success rate:

  1. Create a custom Horde game at Master difficulty starting at Wave 50, selecting Lizzie as your playable character.
  2. Start wave 50.
  3. Deploy Silverback while approaching the Boss.
  4. Observe, while the Boss shreds your Silverback down to 0 HP (there must still be time remaining on the Ult - if the Ult timer runs out you will exit the Silverback normally and the server will not crash).
  5. Observe, as you do not exit the 0 HP Silverback and the server crashes.

The reason the crash occurs late game is because enemies deal more damage in these later waves, and there is more chance of the Silverback reaching 0 HP with time remaining on the Ult.

I will post a video in a couple of hours, along with card combos. Will also submit a ticket with date/time relating to the video.


You need the TC banner that shows up when an official employee has responded.


I recreated the glitch 8 times today by loading up Gauntlet on master difficulty in Escape. When the Scions almost destroy the Silverback the game froze. We tried letting Keegan pilot the Silverback instead, and also switched out different weapon cards. It happens right before the Silverback should explode every time. This should help speed up the testing in my opinion.


Date: January 23, 2020
Time: 6.57PM (US-Eastern)
Map: Exhibit
Difficulty: Inconcievable (All modifiers except Power Drain)
Wave: 50


  1. Bleeding Mulcher
  2. Healing Trishot
  3. Cold Finish
  4. Aggresive Armor
  5. Healing Explosives

When Lizzie’s Silverback loses all HP before Ultimate Ability timer runs out, server crashes and all players “lose connection”.


A friend of mine said that he tested this in Escape and Horde, and it happened everytime he was Lizzie, AND was the host. It was fine when he wasn’t host, so he reckons this is the cause as others have mentioned.

Yes ! TC PLEASE READ & FIX THIS ISSUE. Lizzie silverback crash can randomly cause games to disconnect to the main menu. It’s happened to me 20x already in several matches either on wave 7 or wave 37. And now I have to put “NO LIZZIE” in my lfg post just to finish a full 50 master run because apparently nobody can resist popping her ultimate… ugghhh headache’s …