Dear Community, What Should We Name This Map?

The Playing Field is filled with Every Fallen/not Cog heroes stature touching the next stature and big giant marble stature until; the middle of the playing field becomes Locust/swarm statue’s on the other side of the playing field, which is distinctive at the middle of the playing field. From this middle point the weather and lighting changes from sunny w/a rainbow to a dark gloomy winter, with lighting strikes and a tornado/hurricane only seen in the sky… not in play.

The big sphere and hero structures should be big to keep visibility close for close shotgun battles being the go to.
the one who predicts/has better hearing, should be the only advantage, while taking the one who reacts faster to visuals into effect also. the whole field is filled/pact/a full house of these structures touching one another… there’s plenty to hide, but surprise attacks depends on the previous stated list, including fast to react visuals… camping don’t do as much now… why? because the big spheres should be wall-bounce attainable as well!
The Pattern is changed going vertically from sphere to hero: it goes 2 heroes in back and sphere in front, and vice versa; a gap in between each stature to allow room to wall-bounce at the square-like base of each hero, with the base of the sphere being a circle arched up, because the sphere is it’s own base to wall-bounce to… touching each hero, with the diameter of each sphere, not the bottom base.

Keep Dreaming

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That’s a contender with All father’s cemetery and Rod’s Garden right now; but I’m thinking of a name that’s more like checker’s/chess/Chinese checkers that includes something like that but still good sounding… Chinese checkers is a game that uses marble’s and chess I think fits the hero statures.

Well that was a long and intense debate in which the only option remaining was to make your own post the solution.


Such mental gymnastics is only possible on the Gears Forums…


I was about to say the same. :rofl:

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You can’t ask the Community for a name get 1 suggestion then ignore it and pick your own…

I’ma name your map
Rod’s Garden

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Just included your name in the contenders section of My solution reply :guardsman::couple_with_heart_woman_man: