Dear Coalition,

His gnasher point directly flies in the face of playing for downs and not gibs by the way. Like it’s literally the exact opposite of what you would want if your playstyle was to play for downs and not gibs.

I know. His movement point is spot on though. Get that advantage that defaulternate and alternate brings tf up outta here

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The only direct benefit of alt/defaulternate is a delay reduction. It doesn’t let you slide to walls from further away, or slide more quickly.

You could still play for downs, just not from so far away.

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And you wouldn’t kill anyone who was trying to kill you back.

It’s practically impossible to play for downs in Gow4comp/5 consistently because of players ability to close gaps, and Gow5 specifically having a slower rate of fire. You get caught in between shots — you wAsTe Ur ShOTzZZzZ, Go77A hOuLd UR Sh07777Z BrOOOO — it’s infuriating.

This game already has the second shortest range and second slowest rate of fire we’ve ever seen combined with the most forgiving movement system to date. If you lower either of these further it will be the final nail in actually firing your weapon outside of teamfights.

The game + tuning aren’t currently balanced properly for the Series X(or PC) and this has created the situation where basically everyone is hitting too many shots and the skillgap/overall gameplay has suffered as a result of it. Good players used to hit around 65-70% of their gnasher shots, this figure is probably closer to 80% now. This is of course partly due to Gow5 intrinsically not being a spammy game, so you shoot your gun less, however I think everyone can tell that you really don’t miss shots very often in this game when you do shoot.

The most difficult kill to get is hitting 4/5 LTs on someone at mid-range, however, it isn’t because hitting the shots itself is difficult rather it’s due to the alternative (a chunk) being far too easy, in addition to the simple fact that no one is going to let you shoot them 4/5 times at range with any consistency—it’s not Gow1/2/3/Core they don’t have to fear your damage, they can close the gap and chunk you before you can down them with high consistency.

People simply fail to take into account the lack of difficulty with regards to closing distance in this game—until they actually play it however, and then just hold A at everyone they see on a piece of cover. You don’t even have to bounce half of the time, just hold A and if they don’t hold their shot you’re probably killing them.



Told you it was a given


Snubbs I miss most of my shots

I just dont believe you do.

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Its due to ligma

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Don’t listen to these donuts there gender skin lovers

This guy’s post is perfect everything Is bang on what he said. in my opinion gears 3 was the perfect stepping stone it had it all. the basics and all coalition had to do was add from there but noooo they went the other direction backwards and got rid off the hammer of dawn and the gore aspecs of the game and the dark and gritty theme basically they took away the fun from gears.

that’s why there’s only a couple of hundred of views on Gears 5 Esports matches compared to siege that’s came out years before coalition took over gears back in 2015 and today they have over 250k views I’m really surprised Microsoft are still making coalition make gears 6 madness

People can’t defend this sh@t game anymore finally the season over and the game will die I love the franchise of gears but this is no where near the trilogy

To all the people that say gears was never a horror game your dumb why Is it 18+ then… the berserker mission on gears 1 was scary but the game in general wasn’t because it’s a shooter game it’s not going to be scary it’s like the new Alien game fireteam elite if anyone likes the films Aliens I defiantly recommend playing it such a good fun shooter third person aswel like gears such a good game but it’s not scary because it’s a shooter

So many things wrong with this post lol

I like how you made your thread & waited for an answer to purposely include this

Because it involves guns, language, gore like any shooting based game…and it was actually 17+

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This is all I see



Gee I don’t know, something about a chainsaw attached to your gun and curbstomps left and right. Couldn’t be that, must be all the spooky horror. The only horror were the mining carts sections on Insane.

Gears wasnt a horror game, he was saying it had horror elements. It absolutely did.

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Just stop dude.

You tried, it just isn’t working out.

Move along now, Reddit and Instagram are missing you by now.

First time Iv been on this in months, Iv said what I think I’m in the same boat as the guy’s post if people don’t want a good gears game then fair play… we’re just trying to help

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You act like that’s the only way gears can be good lol. I can see gears succeeding as a action/adventure game just as well as it going back to being a “horror” game.

What truly matters is: the characters and the story. A couple extra ribs showing when you gib someone and a couple extra dead bodies isnt going to make gears good imo.