Dear Coalition,

Horse has bolted sadly, along with all the staff off this forum.

We can only hope the next title isn’t such a disaster upon launch & throughout. Never known a game mess around so much with tunings, ranking systems, the main menu and so on. I’d love to see full player population numbers as time passed.

I don’t mind gears 5 now, clear issues but I still have fun as no game can fully scratch that Gears itch, plus PvE is probably the best in the series I’ll give ‘em that. Roll on battlefield :rofl:

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I think you need to understand that the timeline has progressed heavily since Gear 1. Why should Gears 5/6 be the same black and grey that the early games were?

Civilization has began to develop. As far as banners, its little customization, nothing to drag the company for.

If it was heavy like Gears J then I would see your point but it’s not.


Nobody is asking for it to be black/white. But not everything needs to have a beautiful shiny orangy-yellow sun with light reflections. Its a bit drastic. Imagine watching a horror film where its always sunny out. Or always looks like theres a sunset.

Color in moderation is good. But damn man we need some grey skies, heavy rain in the dark, bloody sky, krill like monsters swarming the air, spooky violin music when you open up a door with a dead body inside. Something slowly creeping up behind you instead of listening to kait ■■■■■ about everything.

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Gears 5 wasnt meant to be a horror game, its more of a action/adventure game if anything. The whole open world sections are proof of that. Also the original texas chainsaw movie was mostly sunny out from my memory.

I personally dont think I need gears to be like that in order for it to be good, gears 3 is proof of that.


I don’t know if i think default users should be punished for playing default-alternate

I agree with everything but this. It may work id have to try it. Sounds more like a UE type Up A but i preferred up a’s in gears 4 although they are pretty much dice rolls they are fun.

I made a mega thread here unfortunately tc doesn’t listen.

Thats a given.

This is my biggest complaint aside from delays and slowed movement + aim assist.

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Even it wasnt meant to be a horror game, you cannot deny that the core of the game has horror elements in it.

Everything in moderation is good. As long as there is a balance.


I could not agree more with this…ALL of this!

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I have a question about this. Does classic alt and Default-Alternate do the same thing. If so Default-Alternate is fine. Otherthan that I agree with most of this post

As of now, I’ve not read this post. I saw “Dear Coalition,” I’m going to try and predict the nature of this post before I read it.

It’s about how Gears sucks and not worth playing. The OP is a long-time 06 vet who’s played every game and got through all campaigns or has diamond in TDM. They’re gonna write about how in exact detail the devs should develop their game. How Kait and Del are dumb characters or about why Escape is a useless resource dump for the studio. That the game doesn’t feel the same and they won’t keep playing Gears unless 6 hits their extreme qualifications. Because Gears is so bad nowadays that it doesn’t deserve their time when the older games were so much better.

Okay, now I read.

Not totally off.

Seriously, I agree with nearly every point. My biggest issue is the last two paragraphs.

  1. Gritty and Dark scenery. While I agree that’s a point I prefer in the older games, it’s obvious that the design team wants to take the new line into a more colored, effect driven world-to keep it seperate from the darker more desperate vibes of the original trilogy. I like that personally, it gives each trilogy a unique atmosphere.
  2. Weapons, WWE, Emotes. I agree that an over-abundance of stupid traits like WWE stars or poorly animated Emotes can take away, but it’s not Gears changing to be like COD, but to adapt to the growing marketplace it wants to be competitive in. The structure of modern games lies on endless microtransactions, skins and introductions. Whether we like it or not.
  3. Robots, While the DBs are a contentious point. Their inclusion in the story aspect of the game seems nothing less than common sense. When 90% of humanity had been killed off and in Gears 1 we’re introduced to a flying robot that does everything R2-D2 style and can turn invisible, human-sized bots that are a little stiff aren’t too far off. While I wish they had more abilities, and were more creative (LIke the Bastion shields) their inclusion doesn’t make Gears any less Gears. It’s just a Gears that’s supposed to be two whole decades after we last saw it.

I also personally like it because I feel that gears can be so much more than just grey and brown. If TC wants to return to the gears 1-2 roots then I’m all for it, if gears wants to go full steam ahead with the more “colored, effect driven world” then I’m all for it too. I just want a story that is entertaining and characters that are relatable and leaving me wanting to know more about them. As of now, I’m only satisfied with the environments and the lore being discussed in 4-5.

Fahz and Lizzie and the hivebusters are my personal favorite people to come out of the new series.

I could live without the wwe and emotes ofc, but I dont mind having them in game, its multi after all.

I love the DBs. That’s all I have to say about them lol.


I also think it’s possible to have a gritty world with lots of color. Playing Farcry 6 and there’s plenty of dead bodies and realistic cities–but also hyper-real sunsets and god rays coming through the bushes.

I’m not even just talking graphic capabilities but color balances and lighting effects.

Look at these from Gears 2. Of course there’s color and lighting and shading and beauty. But at the same time, it’s all uniform. The old lighting makes everything sorta look the same. There’s small details and whatnot I haven’t noticed on character models until they’ve been updated in the G5 engine just because they blend in when everything looks the same.

Now look at these two from Hivebusters and Tactics, where the greater variety in color allows you to see pigments in skin, different lights reflecting off one another. Light getting caught in the reflections of metal and armor. Shadows that are dynamic based on distance and not just a hard crisp shadow all the time.

It’s come a long way. And I find it hard to say I’d like to go back to a Gears that had a pallet of 3-5 colors per level.


Oh its beautiful :relieved:

I cant wait for 6. Well I can but you know what I mean lol.

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We need the new tuning in the game!


Perfectly said and farcry is a great example.

Gears2 for me has the closest consistency between both styles.

Gears2 also had different scenary throughout the campaign that displays that gritty yet colorful art style. Nexus, Locust tunnels, Falling cities, the worm, it was amazing. Best campaign of the franchise.

If TC manages to find this balance again in Gears6, it will definitely be a step in the right direction.

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I mean, you’re not wrong. I can always count on FFA lobbies being at least 70% 150+ pings. Don’t see how that’s a good thing though.

Lol the main thing i want out is aim assist and bullet magnetism to 0. But they made it easy for every noob that couldnt hit a shot in gears 4-1. Its sad

just waiting for a thread of people to call prison an idiot.

edit: Wait a minute I don’t even think this is actually prison lmao.

uhhhhhhhh lets just uhhhhhhhhhhhh so lets go through this.

Prison isn’t a three time national champ — 2007 was Infinity, a team he wasn’t on. 2008 was the NSAN3Z, a team he wasn’t on, In 2009, for the first and only season of Gow2 on the circuit Prison was picked up by the NSAN3Z and won his only National Championship.

Furthermore in 2016 when he originally retired Prison wrote this on twitter

key section

From heading into MLG Toronto 08 as a major underdog and placing 3rd through am bracket, to blowing a championship kill on the ground :frowning: to winning an MVP, 5 straight finals appearances, 3 event wins, and a national championship – while all my successes and failures (this last event…) are moments that will surely never be forgotten, and that I of course will 100% cherish, what few outside the gears community see is the close knit community we actually share.

Bolded area is key — it’s one national championship not three.

Also, obviously if you search the account it looks fake as anything.

Outside of these fairly suspicious things the actual post itself also doesn’t really make sense — to put it bluntly, Prison just isn’t this dumb.

Gears 5 being easy is a fair point, but this has nothing to do with the growth of the game itself from a casual perspective. The number one thing that’s always gone against GoW is the initial difficulty to become at least somewhat proficient, the learning curve is super steep in this game despite a fairly low skill-ceiling at the higher levels.

The introduction of Default-Alternate has hendered the flow of the game. Everybody has insane movement now which hardly creates any skill gaps.
Everybody plays the same way. Nothing sets anybody apart.
This makes it boring to watch or get into. Because nobody has any personality that sets them apart from the rest.

This simply isn’t the cause of Default-Alternate — we had no default-alternate in Gow4 and people were able to move even more effectively, as well as people playing on actual Alternate being able to move just as well or better than Defaulternate players.

The standard line of thinking from Gow1-2 era players (which I disagree with) is that the reason why everyone has incredible movement—why movement is so easy—is due to the sensitivity being pushed from 20 to 30 after Hype 2, players could turn faster and therefore this opened the flood gate for better movement.

In any case, it isn’t default-alternates fault, it’s the game itself — you can macro yourself into default-alternate in other GoWs and it isn’t effective.

There’s no shot the actual Prison thinks Up-As and Reaction shots are different moves which would have different cooldowns. Scuf’s and Elites are the same thing, redundant point. The spamming of this movement does anything but make the game feel clunky. This is by far the smoothest and therefore least clunky game in the franchise.

Disorganization is a problem stemming from movement allowing you to get out of ridiculous scenarios, however this problem has become less prominent because everyone is on the Series X and it’s damn-near to miss a shot.

Initially when I read this — this is the part that gave it away.

Gow5 has the 2nd shortest range of any gnasher in the history of the franchise, and focusing on a relatively rare aspect of using the gnasher as opposed to the majority of engagements is just—hilarious. The idea that you’re going to be able to switch to a pistol and meaningful kills consistently — this isn’t going to happen.

Complain about the game being disorganized, then advocate for something which would continue to bolster the disorganization. Complain about movement making the game disorganized, and ask for a range reduction so that movement is shadow-buffed by way of the shotgun becoming weaker.

There’s no shot.

The biggest problem with the gnasher right now is that it’s too easy for everyone to hit shots because of the SeriesX/S combined with the slowed movement. No one misses — ranked barely even miss, let alone good players. This isn’t entirely the fault of high fps/low delay either, I’ve played Gow4 a bit on PC (where I get like 400fps) and hitting shots is noticeably more challenging than in Gow5.

Furthermore, it needs to be nerfed to the point where the pellets don’t reach a certain REALISTIC distance.
The gnasher needs to return to its former glory, with a decent rate of fire and a proportionate level of damage relative to the distance between an opponent.

Again — not shot in hell the Prison is going with the realism fallacy.

On the Gnashers “Former glory”; he’s mentioned a “decent rate of fire” and a distance nerf. As explained before, Gow5 has the second shortest range ever seen in the franchise, and it also has the second slowest rate of fire ever seen only behind Tu1-4 Gow2.

Not buying this at all lmao.

Nor this.

The horror, the shocking moments, the dark and gritty scenary, nail biting gameplay, the lovable but unique main and side characters. Its all there for the taking.

Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird, all characters with unique personalities. They were funny yet brave and badass. Dizzy, Thai, Hoffman, Minh, it was perfect. Stop focusing on the colorful aspects, gun skins, WWE superstars, Robots, Emotes. Stop trying to be like everybody else. Stay true to the FRANCHISE.


Noah Burkholz aka “Prison”

Nor a single word of this lmao.

No shot this is Prison.

Some other highlights that aren’t in the OP.

Again, no shot.

This is literally all Gow5 is about — you literally cannot spam shots in this game or you will die 100%. This is the least shot-spammy GoW game by a mile, even on Tu3 with the much slower rate of fire you couldn’t hold shots with the efficacy nor the consistency that you can in this game.

This isn’t even accurate to “prime gears” — this isn’t the thought process of a decent player. Wrap shots do break the cover system to a great degree, at least he got that right.

Players from the Gow1 era, such as Prison, almost always differeniciate between Gow1&2 and 3. Gow3 never gets lumped together with them — and why would it? When the real Prison actually played Gow3, all he did was run around spray lancering people because that was the meta at the time.

No chance anyone who understands GoW is comparing it to a fighting game — especially Combos. Hate reaction shots and wrap shots which are the closest thing we have to combos, and then compare GoW to games based on combos lmao.

“Corny” — no shot.

No shot in hell.

This thread is meme-tier, pretending to be Prison of all people.

Edit: Let’s see if you’ve done your research — who were the four players on the team ‘NexGeN’?


Sure sure we know who you really are, this is just @TC_Clown on his alt


Bad players are still bad. Someone with minor aim assist on the Lancer still dies everytime to my Gnasher play,

MnK Will always have better aim. I’ll always have the better gun. If you’re losing and dying to noobs with AA, then it’s a problem with you.

And if you aren’t losing and still complain anyways-- grass. Touch. Grasp. Please.

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