Dear Coalition,

As a former professional player and 3x national champion, Ive played the game and have enough knowledge to say that the formula needs to be changed for the next generation of Gears of War.

In specific detail, what has ruined the growth of Gears 5 is how easy it is to master.

The game has no sense of satisfaction when getting kills.

In specific detail,

  1. Movement:
    The introduction of Default-Alternate has hendered the flow of the game. Everybody has insane movement now which hardly creates any skill gaps.
    Everybody plays the same way. Nothing sets anybody apart.
    This makes it boring to watch or get into. Because nobody has any personality that sets them apart from the rest.

Up A’s and Reaction shots need to have some type of COOLDOWN. Players that have Scufs, Elite controllers, PCs, Series X’s, 120Hz monitors, with the addition of remappable buttons spam this feature making the game feel too clunky and disorganized. This makes it difficult for new players to get into the game.

Ive tried to get my friends into it and they say that this game looks ridiculous with the constant spamming of the Up A’s and reactions shots.

  1. Gnasher

The gnasher should not be able to down someone from half a mile away. That is what the pistol is used for. If someone is running away from an engagement because they are too hurt, the pistol should be used to finish the job. If the gnasher is meant to have that much range, then the time it takes to shoot the next bullet should be REDUCED for more of a balanced feel. The way the current Gnasher is ruins the natural flow of the game. Especially with the symmetrical format of the maps.

Furthermore, it needs to be nerfed to the point where the pellets don’t reach a certain REALISTIC distance.
The gnasher needs to return to its former glory, with a decent rate of fire and a proportionate level of damage relative to the distance between an opponent.

Fix these 2 for the next gears, it will be successful.


It is likely impossible for everybody to have the same opinion. However, it is important for the developer to listen to feedback while focusing on simplicity. Nobody asked for an Inverse omen, nobody asked for FOV and PC players shouldve never had that option.

Coalition, please, you need to stop focusing on these things and focus on the core of what made Gears of War an outstanding franchise.

The horror, the shocking moments, the dark and gritty scenary, nail biting gameplay, the lovable but unique main and side characters. Its all there for the taking.

Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird, all characters with unique personalities. They were funny yet brave and badass. Dizzy, Thai, Hoffman, Minh, it was perfect. Stop focusing on the colorful aspects, gun skins, WWE superstars, Robots, Emotes. Stop trying to be like everybody else. Stay true to the FRANCHISE.


Noah Burkholz aka “Prison”


Literally nobody from TC reads here.

You have better luck posting on Twitter.


Im hoping this community is strong enough to share along this important message.


InB4 Snubbs writes a 3 page novel to counter all your points and before the usual suspects come in here with they corny jokes.

As for your opinions I agree with the movement. The advantages that defaulternate and classic-alt give are astronomical with you being able to grab walls from far and gives you a back bounce that you can initiate from far. Every stream I watch it’s the same side to side bounce with wrap shots and reaction shots. I constantly force myself to play default with claw so I don’t feel like a fraud lol.

Because I play for downs and not gibs I can’t fully agree with your gnasher point but that’s me being bias because of my play style. This is why I hated Gears 4 escalation.

I sort of agree with the emotes. Seeing badasses like General Raam do a peek a boo emote kinda ticks me off but I always thought gears needed more customization outside of weapon skins. Since they were never gonna bring a character creator the emotes are fine with me. Gives me an extra option outside of bagging when I kill a defaulternate fraud or a PC sellout. The Gears games have had a lighter tone for a while IMO. People acting like it started with 4 need to stop. 3 started bringing lighter color tones, Judgment brought skins on characters so you could have a quiet badass like Tai covered in flowers. Then 4 and 5 came. 5 just added more to it


This is also true. I have an account that they banned. Submitted a ticket yet I keep getting emails that my ticket awaits feedback, doesn’t let me login, I let them know about it yet no response. They’ve moved on to whatever new unreal engine we’re at right now. This game dead lol

I’ve never once bit my nails while playing gears of war lol.

All of this stuff is in multiplayer, with the exception of the DBs in the campaign. I really dont see the problem.

There are tons of the same posts like yours here. Unfortunately at this point the community can’t do anything .


You bring up good points. I really dislike how much damage the gnasher does at a distance. Gears 4 Comp tuning Gnasher was my favorite because the shotgun did no damage from a distance. You had to actually out play your opponent with movement if you were both of high skill level.

But, the horse is already dead. Its up to TC to listen to us for Gears 6 versus.


But shouldn’t it be about hitting your shots too ? Seeing these battles up close where everyone is just ping ponging everywhere till someone gets a gib isn’t entertaining to me.


Yes. Making your opponent miss with movement while also hitting shots.

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With those kinds of antics, It feels like the game has been targeted specifically to a 8-12 y/o audience. Its silly.

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I just think with that regard they trying to adapt with the times. Gears doesn’t have the same convenience that other shooters like COD have where it’s pick up and play. Gears is one of the few games where someone who’s good at another shooter could lose 20-0 to a decent gears player because they don’t understand the movement and specialty shots like a Back A whereas in COD they could get a kill or 3 just from being behind you or shooting first. Because of that a lot of people are driven away from it because the learning curve is high. When you lose that aspect that these other games have you gotta look at the next best thing they do which is cosmetics. More customization options. The emotes are a bit much but it’s all about cosmetics these days. You go on EBay people making bank off of selling accounts with older fortnite skins on it. It’s mad

It should be about hitting shots, not spamming them.

In prime gears, a good player always made sure they had cover available in gnasher fights in case they were 4point. However, cover is next to non existent in Gears5 because of wrap around shots, and the fact you can still be visibly seen and hurt while in cover. This is another major flaw of the game.


Oh trust me I know. This is why I just shake my head when players were complaining about the new tuning being boring cause they couldn’t hyper bounce as fast to get their one shot gib kill. There were now more instances where battles were like old gears where we just strafing and whoever misses loses. Lotta these players can move but they can’t play traditional and just hit shots. They end up being real uncomfortable in those situations

Not once have i ever loved or ever been addicted to a game where everything was easy. It bores me in 20minutes. And im speaking for the general audience. Everybody loves a challenge. Why i got into Gears in the first place. Dont understand why TC sees it differently.

Because the ESport people run this game and fair enough it’s the most consistent audience this game has. Game is like #150 played on the games list. I find myself running into the same people when I play. If you end up going against the only part of the community that’s sticking around then you’ve lost everybody. So I get it but I just hate the esport style of play. All I want them to do is just take away the advantages of defaulternate and alternate and get aim assist outta here. Everything else id be able to deal with

Don’t think it’s as common as you’re saying (or they’re saying). Definitely not more ridiculous than Fortnite.

Gears 5 isn’t the worst game of the franchise; I’d argue the flow of pvp is the best it’s been in any game. Overall best Gears game, Gears 4 imo.

Shame some players want the same repetitiveness every single game.

Gears5 in terms of consistency is the best Gears. However, we are talking about the game’s mechanics. Just imagine Gears 1-3 with this level of consistency (in terms of ping, shot registration, etc.)

Its the lack of depth in the gameplay. It lacks drive and purpose. Its too easy. Look at every Fighting game for example. Theyre all difficult. You have to learn many combos, anticipate well. And it has a huge following. And theyre all “repetitive” as you would say but they thrive .

Repetition doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing if the final outcome is good. If something is good, why change it?

My ping is always fine, usually never higher than 40.

If I remember correctly, Gears 4 also had a wrap-shot. By any means I’m not saying Gears 5 is perfect because no game is, I don’t think it deserves all the hate.

I do agree the different tunings make TC look bad and now it’s easier for new players to get used to the game quicker. I just want it to go back to Gears 4 tuning in the late stages tbh.

The overall underlying issue is that TC’s approach into evolving the franchise is not the best.

Copying what other popular games are doing is cool, If it were just a few things. But when you add corny emotes, corny characters from movies and other games, “banners”, “marks”, these arent important. Its not what we want.

Players want a good Gears of War, thats it. Doesnt have to feel “nostalgic” or have the exact same mechanics of the previous titles, but keeping it simple and staying true to the franchise is key.

It starts with the campaign, making good characters, a good horror/action driven story. A game that mom and dad dont want you playing. The numbers will follow and eventually the versus scene will grow. Thats Gears of War.