DEAR COalition WTF is with the Lancer and Horde mode

Dear Coalition,

I am Happy with and yet disappointed at the Gears 5 Horde mode offering.

I am an avid gamer primarily on Xbox and have all the gears titles since the first.

I have lived through the different iterations of multiplayer and the horde mode most of which were improvements upon the last.

I do not know if this Gears 5 horde is an improvement on Gears 4. Below is why.

One question before I get into the Horde issues:

Serious question about the use of the chainsaw.

Stopping the chainsaw for damage is done as a reaction to the damage. OK realism I get it. But why then does someone with a flippen gnasher get to rack the pump on the shotgun as I am loading an entire magazine into them without hesitation.

Like I said I have played each iteration and stayed mostly horde mode since multiplayer tends to become nothing more that shotgun tag.

I am still in awe that while the lancer is used for every PR campaign you put out you still relegate its use to an afterthought.

  1. MVP DETERMINATION – how in the ever-loving world do you decide MVP? I can score 75000 damage and have 3 assists and 10 kills yet someone with 3 ills and one revive with 10000 damage wins MVP. How do you figure this?

  2. You changed the controller layout! Why? I dislike the fact that I am using right bump to both reload and use the chainsaw/special weapon feature

  3. THE LANCER -You still refuse to embrace the most iconic weapon in shooting games history.

  4. Every character should have the ability to purchase the lancer as a secondary.

  5. Forcing players to fit your ideal team structure by not allowing multiple of the same character.

  6. Where is the war journal and where are my ribbons?

  7. No way for anyone other than Del or the other builder model to upgrade fabrications.

  8. Other characters are limited in what they can build

  9. Other characters cannot even upgrade the fortifications they built.

  10. Characters can only purchase weapons of their load out. I abhor using the retro lancer

  11. What does Map Mastery mean? There is nothing in the game that states what this means.

  12. Bots do not collect power therefore when a person leaves the power total from taps reduces the possible total… let alone if 3 or 4 people leave

  13. How do I get rid of spare ability cards once that ability reaches level 5?

  14. We used to be able to burn those and turn those into credits to use for other things.

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So for your #1, why are you so obsessed with being MVP? I’m sure they made revives count a lot towards the score to encourage more team play and less obsession with trying to look like the biggest badass with kills such as yourself. If the team is doing well, you should be happy, if not then team games are not for you.

For #10, the only character that starts with the retro lancer is Kait. Unless you’re playing on a super easy difficulty you should probably be swapping that for an overkill as soon as you can. Her perk is for shotgun damage and her skill cards all revolve around shotguns and are extremely powerful once you get the bleed and extra damage to bleed targets cards. Nobody is forcing you to use the retro lancer and you’re not taking full advantage of Kait if you do.

For #13 and 14, TC has stated many times already that it is very likely that they will add an additional level max for skill cards eventually. They didn’t want players who have played a lot to have to start from scratch having to earn another 20 cards or whatever it will be when to upgrade.

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TC tried having a useful Lancer in Gears 5, but the community threw a tantrum, so they nerfed it into oblivion.


MVP should be removed , its a team game , if they must just report some team based scoring metric only… Preferably get rid of the end of round score and just lets us get on with the 3 hr game


I disagree. The retro lancer is by far the easiest and safest way to rack up executions and pump her stim cards. This leads to more executions, stim, power, taking on tougher enemies, and most importantly, is a one hit kill at any level. It already is my favorite combination. A single overkill is enough for the big guys, best to dump the gnasher. Also, time your shots, to snipe.

lol It’s one of the smallest changes I’ve seen.

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Unfortunately at masters your not going to be able to charge someone. Even with stim you go down that fast at masters. It sucks because i have more fun running around executing people. Once you get high enough your gameplay completely changes.