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Deadly Resourceful Achievement


Did anyone have issues with this achievement? I used a different weapon to pop each blister on insane and didn’t get the achievement.

I used the Markza, TBow, boomshot, lancer, boltok, sniper and hammerburst.

For one of the blisters I done a bit of damage using the lancer and then popped it with the boltok could that have messed the achievement up?

(GB6 Kazuya) #2

No, damage with other weapons doesn’t affect the achievement. If you’re certain you popped them all with individual weapons then it should have given you the achievement.

Unfortunately, with most aspects of this game, it just sounds like a common glitch. You’ll have to try it again.

(Bleeding Pepper) #3

Yeah I had some problems with this one too. I eventually got it, but it took about 5-6 tries. I did it with the Lancer, Snub, Longshot, Hammerburst, Boomshot and Torque.

My only advice is to use the generators one at a time, and to pop all blisters before you activate the next generator. That way you maximise the use of the checkpoints.


I know people like to do stuff solo, but you can get this in Co-Op as long as both players are on insane difficulty or higher.

(Bleeding Pepper) #5

That reminds me of the trick I did to get this.

Firstly yes you’re totally right - both players need to be on Insane mode.

However this applies to the point you pop the last blister and nail the achievement. On co-op your team mate can do the earlier sections on a lower difficulty.

What I did was to play with a friend. I needed the achievement and was on Insane throughout. My friend started on Casual up until when he popped the first few blisters. I’d then pause, my friend would quit and then rejoin on Insane mode, I’d unpause and pop the last couple of blisters, and the achievement popped.

(mizzelphug) #6

I should still have my save point for this. All you have to do is come in, take control of that ai character, fire the boomshot you are holding at the final blister and the achievement should pop. Did it for a few other people.


I never heard of that way, sounds like it would have been easier. It’s too late though I already got it with the Co-Op harder way.