Dead game? idk?

ninja literally played it on live stream and everyone watched it and no one plays this f/a gears 7 dev team lmk.

Get me a translator


Shroud played Gears 5 (Paid to promote it)
Doctor Disrespect played Gears 5 (Paid to promote it)
Ninja played Gears 5 (Can you guess why?)

None of them ever picked it back up because they were all paid. They played you like a damn fiddle!

Ninja streamed this game and still no one plays this fake ■■■ Gears. Let me know why dev team.
the best I can give you lol


Who cares who plays what.

Is it a dead game? Probably. Do I wish it had more population? Yeah, but only so I could find games faster.

It is what it is. Hopefully gears 6 is marketed ALOT better. And their showing of the game isn’t completely terrible like g5 was. And hopefully it isn’t a Heaping pile of trash like g5.

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New age English is weird, although I do thank you for your assistance.


Dead? Not yet, but it’s been dying since it launched in its poor state that has taken ever since to fix. Some things have taken so long to fix, I can’t even remember how they were before it broke.
I don’t even think the Games with Gold addition has done much for the game either. The word of mouth among long-time fans about the technical problems has simply been that negative and no streamer can fix that.
Twitter, which somehow TC tends to listen more to, isn’t representative of anything other than a severely mentally ill global population desperately looking for attention, even more so than Facebook. So, WHY, when there is this forum?
TC should have built on top of Gears OF WAR 4, but it seems they didn’t learn and tried to re-invent the wheel. Let’s hope they did learn for 6, but I won’t hold my hopes up at this point, since it’s going over to UE5 and will likely require a lot of re-engineering because of it. It’ll probably feel entirely different from the start, which won’t please a lot of people, but we’ll see. Good managerial decisions can go a long way…


Why should I care if some idiot streamer played it for money and the literal children that watch him didn’t pick the game up after that? Most of their fans are even below the age rating of the game.


I still play it. Thus it isn’t dead


See, that’s what it is. These people who keep calling it a dead game are actual children who think that because no one at their school plays the game, it must be dead.

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waiting for the day this influencer/streamer stuff dies off. twitch was a mistake



There u go its official.


I would consider a game dead when I go into matchmaking and can’t find a full lobby of players. That’s just my definition of a dead game.

Also, if you are only playing a game because someone on twitch or what ever played it, then you may want to rethink a few things or at least get a t-shirt that says “I can’t think for myself”


Very constructive and knowledgeable post! Nice!

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i used to be rank number one on 3 gears titles you’re ignorant

And what does that have to do with anything?


You want a cookie?

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Also people throwing around the term “dead game” is a bit overused, I wouldn’t consider it dead if TC is still supporting the game and people are still playing said game.

You want a dead game? Try Gears UE I cant find a single match on there lol.

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you went towards the direction that ninja got me to play this.

Fail to see how bragging about rank has anything to do with it when a simple “I play for because I chose too” would have been a better response, lol.