De-ranking every game

I know there has been an update to address stability within the ranking system, but I’ve gone from diamond 2 to gold 3 tonight in about 5 matches, 4 I’ve won with MVP and 1 I’ve lost, what an absolute disaster.

It’s sad to see Gears in this state, this is why people are angry, people want the game to succeed but we’re watching it wither away into a complete shell of it’s former self.


yeah, the jumps are HUGE… I went down by 600 in one game, went UP by 400 in the next, then up/down/etc…

it is what it is…

The rank system is like TC, it’s learning as it’s going.


Based on the multitudes of this type of story here and elsewhere, there obviously seems to be something happening with rank points beyond just the one-time change TC announced yesterday. WTF is actually going on?

Same in 4 games from Onyx to Silver 2 have 900 + Points but de rank me its BS