Ddos attack or Xbox live failure?

I’m just wondering if this is possible in Gears 5, cause I was just in a match about to win, then bam everyone is frozen , got kicked out of xbox live, wouldn’t let me connect until I reseted the Xbox. I’m only asking if it was an attack since all of my other electronics were fine…or you know could be xbox servers just screwing me over.

If you’re ever wondering you can go Guide > Settings > Network Settings

On the right at the bottom it will tell you if there’s any noticed problems on Xbox’s side, it happens occasionally, most often with the store however.

If nothing’s wrong it should say “All Services Available.”

I’m assuming you weren’t around during the first 6 weeks of OP3?

More like since launch of Gears 5… or all of Gears 4. Both games suffer from random server screwups(and that’s putting it mildly) where they randomly decide to kick you out for no reason even if your wifi still runs.

Though I have encountered this far less often in Gears 5 than 4 so far, it has to be said. No thanks to the servers tanking almost every or every time in the first 6-12 months(or even 2 years, don’t recall properly) when a pack went up. Those are not days to be missed.

Had a senario a few weeks back. 30 seconds to a min into round one 3 of us disconnected at the same time. All of us in different states. The very next round exactly same time the other 2 player’s in our party same identical thing. @Metal_Gear_Mo @KlutchKwonDo (on vasgar against a stack) mo mentioned “strange was that a ddos attack?” we simply said f it quit to menu and call it a night. I figure I might share that experience and also this video.

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