DC new show Titans first thoughts

Just saw TITANS trailer and I hope Warner Brother fire someone because this made suicide squad looks like a master piece. The cringe was so real with the horrible CGI. Robin beingso edgy killing people and say ■■■■ Batman with a Batman voice. Starfire not having orange skin (not trying to be racist) and shoot fire from her hands. And Raven not looking like herself

Jesus, first GO, then this? I just wish the original came back, people would actually like that compared to the garbage that was TT GO.

Don’t hold your breath, but still…

One look at that title and I already think it’s complete BS.


While Jason Todd will be in the series, that Robin is in fact Greyson.

Seems like they’re going for a more adult version of the Titans and I’m definitely willing to give this a shot. Looking forward to it actually. It could be a flop but I’m staying optimistic until then. :+1:

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I give you props for giving it a try btw the only way to watch Titans is DC uncoming streaming service DC Universe which is 75$ per year

I was wondering about that. Any idea if it’s a monthly subscription or is it $75 up front?

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$7.99 per month.

Yes it is 8$ per month and DC universe should release in fall of 2018
and you can pre order your monthly/year subscription https://www.dcuniverse.com/coming-soon/?utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=acq_evergreen_sq_keyword_none_na%20_dcu&utm_content=DC%20Universe_evergreen_acq_cpc&keyword=dc%20universe&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrd6k_tfF3AIVCxCBCh19VQzXEAAYASAAEgI-P_D_BwE

Thank you! What do you think about the overall subscription. I’m intrigued by the new original series but I already own most of the DC movies and I’m old fashioned and not a fan of digital books. Kinda torn on it.

Probably better holding off on signing on until later, especially if you’re only interested in the original programing. Only Titans! is launching with the service this year while the rest won’t arrive until 2019, at the soonest.

Even then there’s only 6.

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I’m not a big fan of it most of the movies/ cartoon shows coming out I’d already watch as a kid and my cousin has a whole collection of all super hero movies (excepted for the never release ones)

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I see DC still don’t know how to handle their characters in live-action.

Never has been a fan of Teen Titans anyway. I’m still mad at Cyborg being promoted in Justice League since New 52.

I do enjoy the television versions of Arrow, Flash, and the rest on CW. More than the film’s actually. Hopefully they find their stride in the movies too. :+1:

I still watch Arrow and The Flash, but these shows are flagged by the usual The CW soap-opera branding. Nothing tops second season of Arrow.

Hell, DC even forbid The CW to use their version of Deathstroke again for its movie counterpart (Manu Bennett was great). We all know, after the huge success of Justice League, we won’t see him for years.

Not going to lie Shazam and Aquaman trailers look pretty promising they not being directing by zack sydner

That and the writers are realizing that not every hero movie should be like the Nolan trilogy – 3 films in and Superman is still having an existential crisis.

STARFIRE is not black,she’s orange and she’s not a hooker she’s a cute sweet and caring girl,I not against useing a black actress but in the show but shoehorning her into this kind of role doesn’t work very well,and now the actress is screaming racist to anyone angry about her looks,
Save Starfire…

It sad because fans dress up better than the show. BTW the cosplayer is African American too.