Day of the dead skins

Can we please bring this skins back from gears 4 I used to love them …the vibrancy of colors were dope…none of the skins are awesome for the heroes in my opinion other than kaits esports skin which i missed due to work being hectic

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No. They were an eyesore, along with that colourblast.





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I think they were awesome …i mean they can be an unlock using coins then u don’t need to buy them but I loved them …i think everyone but Marcus on my team had the skins …i get u not liking them but I think they fun and different all the gears skins in this game are kinda serious u need a few clown skins

More brown and greys please

Gears has long lost it’s seriousness, They crossed the line with blood sprays and expressions, they don’t need to do it any further with skins.

Having said that, remember we have Delivery Driver Mac, Nutcracker DeeBee, Krampus Scion and Grace. Aren’t they “clowny” enough?

I have no doubt there’s more to come, but we need more proper lore characters. Not various unique manifestations of idiocy.

Oh, and let’s not forget we have our very own @TC_Clown to handle all other clowniness business. :clown_face:


Tbf to Delivery Driver Mac that’s still considered a “lore” oriented skin. He was a delivery driver after all.

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I know what you mean, you do have a point.

But you should never be fair to him, he doesn’t deserve it.

Mac’s existence is an insult. I take it personally :joy:


“If im being completely honest, im not even sure why im here”


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That’s such a kind gentle way to put it

I wonder if TC realise jus how many ppl they’ve turned away cause of that sh*t

The game NEEDS to stay serious and for ADULTS ONLY, no teenyboppers

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I’m sorry guys im an old gears fan like everyone else here(or atleast the majority)i love the grit and the feel of it being a violent murky world filled with blood and carnage but heres the truth…gears has always had a clown side to remind u that this is ppl …cole train instantly comes to mind …Baird with his stupid humor…Marcus and dom with their tomatoes…and del since the new gen of charecters…do not act like this game doesn’t have a clown side…and the entire purpose of the whole ice theme in gears 5 was to take away the murky red and brown tones(which was caused by a underpowered console and an afterthought) the game has clown costumes i agree but there is nothing wrong with me wanting more color(u don’t like it dont use it) and u can never say im being silly with my point when esports kait is a thing…as long as that delivery driver mac and workout fahz is a thing I can ask for some stupid clown costumes …my point is if ur gonna make the skins kinda stupid go all out with the color rather than a little quirky

Shouldn’t be

Never did, the quirkiness is quite grounded in reality IMO that’s really the other end of the spectrum (or ALL of it lol)

Very true, just as there is nothing wrong with wanting less

I would accept a colour filter so if you wanted to use it I could not see it and pretend the game is still for big boys :yum:

The gritty serious stuff is for the campaign. Multiplayer, especially pvp have always and will always be a redonkulous playground(in any game really). So having silly skins suits it and I’m all for having day of the dead skins and any other event styles.

And saying the game needs to stay serious and for adults only loose its impact when all you see is wall bouncing bunnys with shotguns…

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Matter of opinion, mine differs

Always? I took the 1st 2games seriously, they took themselves seriously, no eyesores there

Wallbouncing also used to be a decent mechanic, that added depth, hyperbouncing bunnies also need to go, agreed there :+1:

Completely agree with u brother
What annoys me is that my using that skin give me no advantage and makes me an easier target …why complain …u can wear ur serious camo and take it seriously … its not like I’m the T800 that needed to be made brighter cause it would blend the the background that is advantages my skin makes me easier to see