Day of the Dead for Halloween Plz!

I need a Day of the Dead character so I can get all these bounties .

You mean you want to complete Day of the Dead bounty?

There is some Day of The Dead Characters that are craftable for 2400 scrap which you can use to complete the bounty.

  • DoTD Reyna
  • DoTD Oscar
  • DoTD Del
  • DoTD Kait
  • DoTD Del

Too much scrap for me to accumulate. Its’ so much work to play then buy stuff, then destroy and finally craft. I’m hoping they will make a box during Halloween weekend. I have weapons and bounties.

It would make more sense to me to have Halloween items for Halloween.

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Peraps scrap any unwanted legendaries or epics or any dupe cards? But if you want to wait for halloween pack then by all means do so!

Though i feel it would be quicker is buy elite packs and just scrap the cards you dont want as well as existing ones in your inventory

They made the DOTD characters available last Hallowe’en so it’s a reasonable bet they’ll do so again.

I purchased the starter pack as I’m late to the game and it had all kinds of stuff but not that one thing. It will just have to wait until I accumulate enough or get the pack. I wish they would just keep all the packs available.

Purchased… With actual money? Play horde and credits will be plentiful.

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I hope they have something special for halloween. Last year was a ton of fun and I loved the skins.

Well I’m with you because the ONLY character other than some Black Steels that I’m missing is DotD Anya so I’d love to get another shot at getting her but you can definitely craft several of the original DotD characters if completing your bounties is all your after.

I think two streams ago they said there’ll be a halloween/Gearsmas event, so we probably can expect a new pack.

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