Day of the Dead Anya?

The 10/18 “What’s Up” listed DotD Anya as a character skin that would be available in the Lost Souls pack, but I don’t see her listed at all in the character menu in game. Anya is the only skin I have not seen out of a whole bunch of boxes I’ve purchased today. Can anyone confirm 100% that DotD Anya actually exists? Don’t wanna waste time and virtual money trying to get her if she isn’t there. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

She does exist I got her from last years pack

The issue with this pack is the loot pool is so inflated its basically an elite pack

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Awesome. Thanks! I have the coin to spend, just didn’t want to waste it. Appreciate the response.

She sure is, I just got 2.

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As mentioned before, she definitely exists, my fave DotD character… Donno about if in THIS pack…

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