Day 1 of asking TC to shut down dedicated servers and give us P2P so I can play the video game without packet loss

Shut. Them. Down.

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Well played Snubbs. Well played. :smiley:

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You’re doing it all wrong. You’re not supposed to reply.


I’ll give you this, at the very least custom matches should have the option of running on a server or being P2P. There is no good reason this isn’t the case.

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I played last night, every match on an eu server played fine… it was quickplay though.

You playing ranked only or have you tried both?

At least for once us eu players arent getting screwed over😂

What would you do tho when the host is bad?

The EU server is probably fine — it’s just US East and Central South that break every day at like 4pm.

As long I didn’t have packet loss

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