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Dawn for best map?

(Talented Camper) #1

Dawn may be the best map in the game but it is not chosen that much…anyone agree with this?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #2

It would get my vote for worst map, except for the fact that Glory exists.
It’s like TC laughed at people calling Gears maps fields of boxes and said, “let’s make a literal field full of boxes”.

It’s too big in KOTH and you sometimes have to take an Uber to the hill. In Guardian it takes spawn trapping to a new level. The campiest TDMs I’ve had have not been on Blood Drive but on Dawn. Certain areas are very hard to push if people nest.

Not trying to wreck your thread, just being honest. I’ve rarely had Dawn matches that I thought were really fun. They’re usually tedious.

(III EnVii III) #3

I absolutely love Dawn.

I think it’s one of the best maps made by TC.

Me and my teams will normally vote for it pretty much every time it comes up.

I only like a few maps in 4,

Canals, Dawn, Raven Down & Foundation.

Don’t mind:

Lift, Lift Apex & Reclaimed.

Can’t think of any other map I like tbh.

All the best overall maps were in 1-3.

(mendigo2005) #4

Nice horde map.

Not many cover against Guardian, Kestrel.

Bosses usually spawn protected by environment.

And huge as hell, scouts hate it.

(NUBinbound) #5

honestly imo reclaimed is one of my favorite maps but if we’re going solely off of DLC maps i’d say speyer

(mizzelphug) #6

…and 2 of your 4 favorites are Gears1 maps.

cANALS, and Raven Down are equally voted to skip on my end.

(Potato Boy 025) #7

I’ve got a fair amount of hours with scout to say this is half n half. Dawn isn’t too bad as scout as long as no one strikes or just snipes people in Narnia overall.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #8

There’s a few sweet spots where snipers can get angles on spawn points and make it easy for scouts. Work explosive headshot you can really clear them out. I don’t really see anyone doing it besides me though.

(mendigo2005) #9

You just described opposite of public

And besides… It would be very stupid for a sniper not to kill far only for scout’s sake

(Omen LP) #10

Hmmm… We vote for it always whenever it comes up, in Dodgeball or Koth. I don’t remember ever playing it on tdm or guardian…

I don’t understand the reference to field of boxes, I don’t know what that means.

Dawn, Glory, Fuel Depot are always guarnateed to get our votes, based on team mates’ preferences…


You mean Glory Hole! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Potato Boy 025) #12

You’re like a minority when it comes to this opinion because everyone I run into complains about this. It’s not super common though considering you’ll get a good sniper 1 out of 5 sessions but still I feel like I’m getting mixed signals.


Yeah, @Mendigo2005 likes to go against the grain. I mean, for instance, he loves it when the Engi spams sentries. He says that’s the way it should be played. Whereas most of us would agree that sentry spamming is terrible. But there he is, making sentry glorification threads.

(mendigo2005) #14

Do you play public?



If he answers ‘yes’ then your next question will be "have you ever played Incon?":smile:

(mendigo2005) #16

I’d find it odd, because people simply gave up waiting for the scout to collect on public.

Nor do they (snipers) care about not killing far. And frankly, if they did that would be absurd.

What would be right? Wait until Scion is in front of you with Boom/Drop? Just to go easy on scout?

(Potato Boy 025) #17

Public is 90% of my playtime
Scout being probably 60ish percent of my most played class.

I’m just not used to someone activity voicing their opinion on it. I use my headset or keyboard when i wanna ask something of the public and it usually works if they aren’t stubborn.


except when I want people to change class. No one ever listens to my request for that.

(mendigo2005) #18

There are lots of opinions in this forum, specially about scout and engineer. Maybe not too fresh.

Very rarely I open my mic to ask for something or complain. I end up ignored anyway.

Double classes, for example. I just quit. Most people you meet in public are just not worthy your time.

Private for me is one or two matches every couple of months. Scout is too my most played class.

(iDuskk) #19

Eh, I could take it or leave it. Foundation is probably my favorite map in Gears 4.

Actually no Impact Dark is my favorite. I can tell they put alot of work into that one.

(ArentUGlaz2CMe) #20

I love Dawn.