Dave Batista ( Starting Today?)

It was stated dave batista or at least his head replacing marus fenixs would showup to day,has anyone seen it yet?

Give it a while. They usually do their daily updates around 11 am PST.

If not then Batista should be showing up by the start (or end) of the pay-per-view tonight which starts 5 pm pacific

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They did say after the event.:wink:

After the pay per view

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O okay,i didn’t know it was connected to a pay 4 veiw event.

I got it!


Does he use marcus voice? If so that could be a problem. Some people call out who’s alive and who’s where and if you hear Marcus but see some dude in some shades instead could be confusing…

Also anyone notice in his still picture on the character select his shades are red but in game they’re blue?

No, he has all new voiceovers.

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So. Why didn’t they just include him as a new character? That’s rlly weird.

I guess just a nod to his wanting to play Marcus in a movie. I originally assumed he was going to be his own character, especially since he’s in the game with his WWE stage name.


I got it too.

I got it when I logged on today and was disappointed I couldn’t scrap it.

I just reset the game and I got the skin. If you haven’t got it already I recommend you try that

A good 80% of his voice lines are shared with Marcus (in Batista’s voice).

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Received it just after midnight early Monday morning,he looks the part,like his lines.:sunglasses: