Date for new season reset

I would like to see an actual date for the ranked/competitive season resets. I honestly have never had one and have no clue when they are to reset!

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Probably October.

They didnt specify a date when its goint to end.

But the Ruby Scion calenge is going to end Oct 1st so I assume season 4 going to end a few days later after that.

Yeah other games like Fortnite give you the date that the season will end right at the beginning. “Probably October” is such a dumb way of doing it.


Gears 4 seasons usually lasts 3 months which means Season 4 should originally should have ended like tomorrow xD

but because they messed up with the Ruby challenge its going to up for like 2 more months. I believe once the ruby challenge ends, so will season 4.

They should have had enough time by then to prepare for season 5, no more delays.

I don’t think any of the seasons have actually lasted only 3 months lol

Season 0: Oct - April
Season 1: Apr - Sept
Season 2: Sept - Jan
Season 3: Jan - May
Season 4: May - Oct(?)

Your right, there usually been 4 months (6 max)

Still 4 months for a season is too long, I got a feeling next season will be like a last one… assuming they stretch it out for another 4-5 months.

Eh, I don’t even think there was one that was 4 months. Seems like 5-6. Maybe one of them was 4 or 4.5, but yeah they’re unusually long. Not sure why.

What happens when the season resets? Forgive my ignorance as I only got the game a month and a half ago.

Everyone’s ranks reset and you redo placement to get a rank and then after that try to go up again :+1:

Plus the seasons rewards are also prepared and given out and I imagine a new cycle of weapon skins will rotate up for awards.

It’s been officially confirmed on the stream today that season ends 1st October.


Just came here to say this lol. I guess they’re able to set a firm date now that they have instantly claimable rewards, so they don’t have to postpone due to rollouts or whatever.


Thank you kindly

Indeeed but watch next season still be like at least 4 months long haha.

Thanks for the info guys! TC needs to get their ■■■■ together for gears 5 or I won’t be playing much. Gears 4 honestly has better servers the. Gears 1-3. (For me anyway) but a better way to let their player base know for these resets and updates would be greatly appriciated.

I envy you, lol. The servers are fine but I can’t get a game with solid hit detection and minimal lag to save my life. Pinging at 15-60ms depending on the server is a curse and makes it unplayable. :disappointed: