Data Center ping

After the season 5 update my data center ping has been going crazy. Right now its been 127 MS to 238 MS. Do not know what that means but I know before the update the highest ping was 56 MS. In a multiplayer match my ping is no lower than 1,100.

Your closest data center? Or it’s connected you to the one’s further away.

1,100 is the maximum shown FYI.

If it was happening to me I would be thoroughly checking my end first.


Reset both modem and console

So you are on console. Can you let me know the following?

What kind of router do you have?
Wired or wireless?
How far from the router?
Are you having issues with the internet with anything else?
Speedtest results (including upload, ping to nearest centre etc)

Edit: Are you playing with people from other regions?

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The router supplied by Comcast, wireless, right downstairs one floor, yes I play with other regions,

Adding to @GhostofDelta2

It’s possible your ISP is experiencing some issues on their end that you may need them to address. I’ve had those issues before where I knew my connection was fine from an equipment standpoint but unfortunately their lines were bad. Now, the issue is getting them to admit to it and fix it if there is indeed an issue. Many times they’re lazy as hell.

Edit: I used to have Xfinity too. I had an issue where I’d have 53% packet loss and my upload would drop from 25Mbps to 0.08 Mbps from 6pm-7am every evening. Took a call to corporate after 5 weeks of fighting with local office to fix the issue.

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Wireless on a different level is not ideal, if possible I would cable that up.

Playing with people from different regions will mean you could connect to servers close to them, which will give you a suboptimal experience. For reference I live in AU and I get min 180 ping to other regions.

Exactly. If there is a weak link at any point in the connection it can cause issues.

First, stop using those Gateways. If your ISP provides you any form of router you need to ditch it fast. Buy a modem that Comcast supports and then buy a router. Never use those combos because they’re all garbage and will create issues.

Secondly, if that doesn’t fully fix the issue, have them fix the line. But I’d bet at least some of your issue is the Gateway because those have horrible WiFi reliability and will create packet loss thus high ping spikes.

Lastly, for the sake of everyone else run an Ethernet cable. There are ways to run it up the wall and into any room without it being visible. Your experience (and those you play too) will improve tremendously.

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I’m surprised I don’t see more threads like this because I’ve had all sorts of weird pings lately and I know it’s not just me because friends in other states get them at the exact same time. About every other day we’ll have a lobby or two where we’re suddenly over 100ping. Then, there’s days like last Friday where we had a great lobby where his ping was 5 and mine as low as 19.

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