Dana Said more than 9 Characters for OP 5



Reskins + Skorge.


Interesting. I wonder if that number includes Gabriel Diaz? He’s acquirable through completing the tutorial of Tactics. Maybe this would be early access and he’ll be released mid-Op for everyone else? Or maybe this is why Dana says “more than 9” characters or whateever, so Gabe is not considered one of the 9 characters, but is one of the “more” category if you know what I mean (as acquiring him is linked to another game).

I’d predict:


I dunno what the others could be. I would have thought alot of the Locust ones were variants of existing Locust characters - like the Sniper and Beast Rider would be a variant of the Drone etc.

Reyna would be another guess. I mean, Tactics was made using the same engine so I’d assume that her younger Tactics variant could be easily ported over (although her normal GOW4 variant would have to be made from scratch). On that note all of the Tactics characters could be candidates.


Gabe Diaz is already confirmed so that’s something to think about if reyna is coming it could be sid as well

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Sorry my damn message cut off

I know. My question was whether or not Gabe is considered one of the 9 that Dana refers to because from what I’ve heard, getting him requires you to complete the Tactics tutorial, so he won’t be accessible to everyone and would probably be considered a bonus character (at least at first). So I wonder if Dana means that there will be 9 new characters in Op 5, with Gabe being an extra one on top of it (if you know what I mean).

Maybe we could be seeing a higher volume of Legacy characters? I doubt we’d be seeing Dizzy though as I believe his voice actor was up in the years along with hoffman? I dont remember.

So other characters like Tai or maybe even Valera if Laura Bailey was available to hop back in the studio could be a possibility.

Gabe Diaz I feel like will probably be dropped mid op for this who dont own or don’t wanna play Tactics. Making him sort of a timed exclusive. Wonder what his voice lines are gonna be

As long as one of those characters is Sofia I’ll be happy

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I hope TC doesn’t do us like last op. Man that was terrible, withholding news, withholding the conversion rate, withholding the trailer untill the last second.


It’s to be expected now, no transparency or useful information. All surprises

I hope one of the characters is Tai so I can hear his Retro charge yell again, One of my favourite characters to Retro charge with

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Dana already said the trailers being released the day before the OP launches.

@Dead_Fallout_96 I hope so too. That charge is blood curdling lmao

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Yeah. Don’t get me started on the transparency of the “generous” conversation rate.

Considering the cat is out of the bag about classes being bumped to at least 20 as the new cap, there is at least some content that is already guaranteed to be in at the start of OP5.

We’re less than 4 weeks from the scheduled start of OP5. Since OP5 is supposed to include the separation of characters from classes, the least TC could do is give us some info on how a couple specific cards will work… like Daddy’s Boy & Uncle Clay. Will they change from being character specific to being whatever class name gets the associated cards? Will there be some generic cards that any character can use, like score boosts or assault rifle cards?

As for which characters, I’d like to see Oscar return, but with the voice actor from Gears 4… Oscar sounds totally different in 5, and I can’t stand listening to the new version.

Hopefully after OP5 they can focus more on adding actual content, less doll outfits and more maps or other stuff please.


I expect ports from Gears 4 before everything else, maybe an extra Tactics character.


So we will get 9 more skin for Kait!? :crazy_face:


Well, since they’ll remove the hero system they can just pump out skins or “characters” at a higher pace for those who still cares.


I like the hero system, I don’t really see a reason to have so many dumb unusable characters as long as we get Dom that’s the only person people should wanna play :man_shrugging:t2:

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Bland Re-Skins and a teaser of Skorge for OP6.