Damon baird how to get it

Hi i realy want damon baird so badly i played with it since gears of war 2 in the periode where you could earn it i wasnt playing please can someone tell me
How to get it even if it cost 10 or more euro
Im willing to pay for it

You can buy him or do the totem tov7nlock him

I think OP means Classic Baird skin?

You’re out of luck untill TC decides it wants to unvault them

I expect them to either be reused in the store for $2-5 a year on or maybe given to the Supply Pool.

Would be nice to see a bunch of “Legacy” medals that were long-winded but offered all of the Campaign skins/Old Game’s Skins.

For example, a Medal called “Back in 08 - Get 100,000 Eliminations” and recieve either Classic Baird, Classic Marcus or Classic Cole. And to get them all you’d have to redo the Medal 3 times. Kinda like the tiers that the medals had in Gears 3 where they went from Bronze to Onyx.

100k Eliminations?

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That was the requirement for Seriously 2.0. It’s just a throwaway idea TC doesn’t like good ideas anyways.

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If that happens I’m going to commit tai


When I read “Seriously 2.0” it triggers memories of Dom and I hijacking a Brumak so we could clear the area faster.

Anyone who grinded for that stupid achievement should know what I’m talking about lol


Painful grind :joy:. Havent booted the campaign up in close to a decade and can still vividly see the chapter and even some enemy spawns.

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Control! Weve hijacked a brumak so we c—“


“We’re riding a BRUMAK! We’re gonna use it to clear the area faster.”

“Uh… okay, Delta! Roger that!”

Same as you, haven’t played that damn campaign in ten years but I guarantee you that’s exactly how the conservation went lol. It’s burned into my memory for ever.

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