Damn the Forza Forums are strict and I will never call this forum toxic ever again

I havent been playing Gears 5 (Fornicator FTW) as much as I should have lately and instead spend most of my online time playing Horizon 5 elliminator.

A mod at the forums edited my post for saying DAMN dude you beat me just before the finish line and there are threads there saying the game should be abolished for the abilityto include a victory dance after winning.

Iam pretty sure they would ban me there for just saying Forza Horizon 5 needs a car fornicator, which it does.

It really needs a car fornicator.

The dogging dlc.

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I paid 40 euro bucks for the DLC packs and 6 months on they still have not been anounced. We need a Forza fornicator so I can make them myself

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Sounds more like a persnickety Moderator than the forums but that’s bad enough I suppose. We’ve had terrible Moderators here before.

Nowadays we have got a moderator with a long blonde hair… A princess moderator!


My hair is actually fairly dark, but depends on time of year and lighting.


So you are a true princess! :innocent:

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Sure why not

Wow edited for saying “damn” … is that even considered a bad word in english? To be honest i never understood the way english/american censor their language. I get that some word would because they dismish certain peoples, but curse like the “f word” i don’t see why its that bad. English is not even my first language and i think i was saying that word before even learning english.

In french (Quebec) we curse all the time and its not that badly viewed unless its something super official like school or business. Stuff like “tabarnak” etc are litteraly part of our tradition.

There are certain levels of profanity that would be understandably forbidden to keep things as civil as possible, but I can see your damn point.

It’s also worth noting we do live in an age with very sensitive people.

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Sorry about that guys :confused:

For fun once, I mentioned during a Gears stream chat that any words used in the game should be fair game in the chat. Seems logical - M rated game, M rated chat. A mod didn’t like that idea.

Halo forums arent much better. Mods will remove posts if you even slightly question or criticize 343’s decision making. And I mean even constructive criticism, not the agitated ramblings of a mad man.

Gotta give props to the TC staff for taking the abuse. As well as the mods on here.

It doesn’t bother them. Mainly because they’re never here.


Damn dude, just came second behind ya, had a bad start and everyone but us forgot about the lake.

You sure you werent cheating?


[Mod edit - WSD - Profanity and alluding to profanity is against the ToS] dude, just came second behind ya, had a bad start and everyone but us forgot about the lake.

You sure you werent cheating?


I remember at work our IT department censored the famously named town Scunthorpe which contains a cheeky little cuss word.

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Haha well I’ve heard worse! Shitterton for example.

Anyways I should play a lil less Elliminator in Horizon and a bit more with the Gears Fornicator.


Valid point. Also think Ghost is the only active mod in this place. But haven’t been on the forums in a hot minute

Yeah Horpe kinda sounds like Whore