Damage Resistance vs. Stim vs. Health

As I’m playing more Horde these days, I wanted to see if we can more specific about the difference between Damage Resistance, Stim and Increased Health. I don’t recall ever seeing a deeper explanation on the differences and what is better. Is it better to have more Damage Resistance or Stim? Health or Damage Resistance etc?

For instance, I assumed that regardless of how much health you have a headshot from a sniper would insta-kill you. Whereas Stim would prevent that, even of you had lower health. But, this is just conjecture.

In any case, any insights into the pros and cons of each would be great.

Damage resistance is good for high difficulty runs, enemys hit for more damage the higher the difficulty, so that increases how effective damage resistance is since it takes off a percent of the damage you take.

Stim can be good in all difficultys as it acts as a shield or overhealth, another nice side effect of stim is that if you get hit by something that breaks your stim if there is any damage left over that damage is discarded. Example, you have 50 Stim, you get hit by a shot that does 200 damage, it deals the 50 damage to your stim and breaks your stim, that extra 150 damage left over is now discarded and you still have full health.

Extra health is somewhat useful as health regens fairly quickly, however on high difficultys most enemys deal so much damage it doesnt always make a difference and you can still sometimes be oneshot, I would say this is better for low to mid level difficulties (although if you have extra card slots never hurts to give yourself some extra health).


Health just increases your hit points. Having 60 percent more health means you can take 60 percent more damage before you go down which is the same as taking 37.5 percent less damage. Very good especially when paired with damage resistance.

Resistances can stack and become more effective with multiple (example being Brawler with 35 percent damage reduction from Inner Fire, taking 65 percent of the damage he normally takes. When Damage Dash, you get another 40 percent damage reduction so you now have 75 percent, meaning you are only taking 25 percent damage, which means you are taking less than half the damage you were taking before.) resistances

Stim, if I am remembering correctly starts out as equal to 250hp at max (or about a quarter health.) The hit that breaks the stim will not hurt your health so it is good for sponging one very strong blow like an EMBAR or a Scion melee. However, fast firing weapons (Hammerbursts and Enforcers for example) can break through the stim very quickly. Stim capacity just increases the base 250 to higher levels. With increased stim with good damage reduction (Like Infiltrator) can be a deadly combo. Stim gets more useful the more damage reduction you get.

The stacking damage resistances is what allows crazy tanking feats like Veteran being invincible in cover when being Jack beamed or in a Healing Circle from Tactician while having high health and damage reduction is what allows Brawler to live so long.


That’s a multiple hit animation afaik. Kait certainly can’t tank Scion-melee in higher waves anymore.

@OP - I’d say it very much depends on what class you’re playing. General answer to that is pretty hard imo.

Are you referring to the normal Scion melee or the running melee most Scions will do? Because the latter always was at least a two hit attack, while I’m pretty sure their regular melee always was a one hit attack. Unless it’s changed recently because TC manages to break things that shouldn’t or just does random changes nobody seems to understand.

Anyway, don’t have much else to add to the whole damage res vs health thing as it’s dependant on a variety of factors and situations. But damage res will be all the more effective the more health you have. Especially noticeable in Horde with the tap health bonus.

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The charge melee definitely is but the slap doesn’t seem to be.

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So would brawlers health and regen card be better or worse than the resistance card when ultimate is available?

I definitely use the regen card when there are modifiers that reduce player regen but for non such modifiers i dont know which is better if i had to choose

With Inner Fire or actually using the ult? Either way, the reduction will add on to what you already have (35 from Inner Fire and around 50 during the ult) so you will be considerably tankier, But you definitely want both if you can since they really add survivability.

The answer is pretty much here. Iirc, Perk Up goes to 60% extra HP, which according to the above is basically 37.5% extra damage resistance, while Inner Fire is what, 35% at max currently? It’s no contest, even more so when Perk Up doesn’t require you to save the ult to be permanently active.

Of course, for the most tankiness, combining both is the way to go, but in light of these numbers it may prove better to choose Perk Up if you had to choose between it or Inner Fire. Not that I’m exactly a Brawler expert so your mileage may vary.

Does it actually work during the ult? I don’t remember it doing so or you’d actually be immune to everything combining both with Damage Dash, unless the sprinting animation of The Train doesn’t count for that.

I worded that poorly so apologies on confusion.
When you use your ult, you get around 50 percent damage reduction while it is active. This is a part of the ult itself, not Inner Fire.

Yeah, all a scion hit does is get rid of stim. Period. I play Blademaster all of the time and even on inconceivable it doesn’t matter, if I’m near a tap and stimmed, all that happens is I lose my stim, I knife him, gain stim again because he’s so slow, and he takes it again, eventually I win without taking any damage unless there’s someone else shooting me. And even then, on Advanced I don’t really care, I still rarely have any issues. I hardly ever see a scion charge, so not sure what these people are talking about. It happens every 4th Frenzy maybe, I go a day without seeing that. If you’re on advanced, which is almost all you can play with randoms (but I cleared inconceivable 3 times yesterday as Blademaster and 5/6 MVPs per 12), you especially don’t see them charge because I’m the one who charges them. Nobody playing that class should hesitate when it’s a scion, unless it’s ice, then I still melee kill them about half the time I just find my spots.

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No, I understood that perfectly fine, what I was asking is where the thing that Inner Fire combines with to 50% comes from, because I thought you lost that damage reduction as soon as you activate it.

I don’t think it does. I am pretty sure it does go away once you use it.

“Scions aren’t the danger , I’M THE DANGER”

I’ve brought an example a long time ago regarding Brawler somewhere in how absurd damage resistance can be, especially if you bring it up to high values.

In Horde you’ll have max 1000 Health and max 500 Stim unless buffed via cards or perks or something. As explained previously by someone else, Stim is like a shield that has to break first before damage is applied to your health (few exceptions) so it’s something like a “second life” of a way and especially noticeable on Anchor, Pilot and Combat Medic since those regain Stim very quickly, two of which can spread it to teammates as well.

When it comes to damage resistance, it usually to both Health and Stim unless specifically specified like for Infiltrator, hence why it is usually the preferred choice if you had to choose between the three.

Just beware that damage resistance doesn’t scale linearly, meaning if e.g. you had 75% damage resistance damage done to you is 1/4 of what they usually do, with 90% it would be 1/10 obviously etc. You can build some seriously tanky classes if you put the combinations together properly. Combat Medic and Blademaster are good examples for that. Both can basically be invulnerable for a period of time (not really but the health regen makes it feel like being invulnerable at times).

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Can anyone clear up this stim issue. Is “stimgating” a thing? Like if you have stim and take damage that would probably down you the stim takes all the damage and your health is untouched. I’m not entirely sure If its a thing or if it’s purely situational to certain weapons like the torque bow shot from a Theron guard. At full stim past wave 4 on frenzy without the more lethal mod. A torque bow can almost kill me as a brawler with Max perk up and inner fire.

Stimgating is a thing but as you mentioned, Theron Guard Torque Bows for some reason bypass it. Elite Hunters don’t.

“Because they’re Elite” :wink:

I think the elite hunters have a reduced damage with the torque bow due to their cloak gimmick. That and from what I’ve seen they don’t always fully charge it just enough for it to stick. Same with palace guards. They only charge it up to stick and fire from the hip. Theron guard/elites/sentinels. full charge it and usually ads. Enemies with torque bows usual fire mid charge if they lose line of sight too. Btw anyone else notice how broken the palace guards are when they pick up weapons? Yesterday on clocktower I heard someone ripping a weapon off of a guardian from the previous wave. It was a palace guard with a salvo. He literally two shot our gunner and Killed two ai soldiers on intermediate.