Damage omen has changed?

You get by two lancer bullets or a few pellets from range and the omen on the screen shows like your one shot . Even with simple omen on . But here even from range it’s abit too much

Have you change something tc without saying or is it due to this update abs the severs being dodgy ?
Like how am I that red already off a couple of pellets ?

They have mentioned that it was being adjusted. At least I’ve read it somewhere.

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From the operation 7 patch notes
“The Simple Omen will no longer go away before a player is completely healed.”

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Wow it’s so bad why have they done this ? It takes even longer to go on you’re screen !

They just can’t leave things alone

Same with the social setting bundling playlists together like wtf

Can’t deal with the simple omen right now…

Get hit twice with a lancer and the screen screams TAKE COVER NOW!

Tell me about it even worse with pc players ain’t at ya head with a lancer . Full on one shot in 2milliseconds