Damage Done is Overscored

I recently played a ranked Guardian match in which my teammate and myself had the same amount of kills [16 each]. However, I had 2 leader kills to their 0. Thus I assumed I was going to get the MVP, but I didn’t. My teammate did more damage than me and was given MVP. I think damage scored should only be counted if the damage lead to kill. Lastly, do believe scoring damage helps prevent players from being largely inactive.

Please share your thoughts and opinions.

You also get points for surviving as leader and winning the round when you were leader.

Was there a release somewhere of how each mode is scored?

I’ve been scratching my head to make it make sense.

Posted many different examples on my feed trying to make heads or tails.

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There wasn’t but thats how Guardian was in 4 and has been like in 5. The MVPs are awarded very weirdly in Guardian though. It definitely doesn’t make sense sometimes.

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A lot of the awarding MVP weirdly is due to the solo bonus increasing from 15% to 25% and including all score, including the round and match wins (match win also was increased this season).

Win bonus alone is worth 5,000 so with solo bonus its 6,250, a bonus of 1,250 over anyone who isn’t solo. Including round wins and anything the solo player did during the match means that often a mediocre solo player can get MVP

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Does this go for social quick play as well?

Not sure on that one, Aussie matchmaking times has killed versus for me, so haven’t been able to test.

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Proof the solo bonus makes no sense. That guy with no kills was actually playing but accomplished nothing. But since he was solo he wasnt on the bottom lol makes no sense


Lol I’m surprised you won with a random like that on your team. ZERO damage too!

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We struggle without a full team. The randoms in guardian are like the worst randoms to ever exist. So manu leaders that run onto the other side of the map as if they are the most godly player to ever play gears. They are not.

I promise that guy was actually playing he was trying to kill people and somehow didn’t hit a single person. Lol

I personally don’t like the solo bonus. It should be decreased or replaced with an XP only bonus. I play solo ; during some matches I have done pretty poorly. However, do the solo bonus I seem to often go up in rank, despite losing and /or performing poorly.

This is exactly how damage leads to score. Here is leaderboard for evidence.

Top player was leader twice and survived both rounds so that was bonus points for them.

Players 2-4 on COG all had more damage done, did not matter haha

I am only third despite having as many kills and more assists than both top players because they both survived as leader and thats 500 points for surviving the round as leader. I am unsure if killing leader is bonus points or not.

The problem is the leaderboard updates with the solo bonus so the gap between player points always looks WAY larger than it actually was at the end of the game because mvp points get rewarded and then the bonus points on top of it all.