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Damage counts as elim?

This isn’t Over Watch, TC. I don’t want my kills given to me simply because I breathed on an enemy. Stop trying to hold casuals hands. The veteran players will always be the lifeblood of your game. Never forget that. And I don’t care if my post is similar to someone else’s.


I disagree. Long time gears player here. I like eliminations.


Welcome to Gears of Duty :slight_smile:
Seriously though, I do agree that getting kills now is a little TOO easy. I just have to drop a bullet in an enemy and boom, someone just murdered them and earned me a totally earned kill.


I respect your opinion, homie. It’s not for me one bit. Game is waaaaaaaay too hand holdy.

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When your playing it only says Eliminations. But they are different from kills. You can tell because in the ToD there are some that say get kills and the some of your eliminations dont count meaning you didnt actually get the kill

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Assuming this was there attempt to stop people from “Stealing” kills. I don’t mind it.


I think it’s incentive to cause damage to the enemy regardless if you’re in range to kill the guy, it’s an assisted kill. I mean…who’s it hurting? There’s much bigger fish to fry. I also think it’s great for noobies to the series and like I said it doesn’t hurt gameplay…as in its not a direct mechanic change.

Sometimes or in previous entries people wouldn’t assist because they know in order to secure a kill themselves they’d have to get in close…but if you see the enemy you can shoot the enemy.

I dunno, I think it’s fine. Why take it away?

I would imagine that you’re a much experienced player so it won’t mean much to you or to I. But in my opinion it only helps newer players understand that they should shoot the enemy even if they can’t secure the kill and help the team to secure a win.


Nah. I think it’s to make noobs feel better about being trash. Just my opinion though. You’d think that they’d learned a lesson from the fact that most people stopped playing Gears 4 after a year.


I don’t want a kill for just hurting a guy a bit.
That stat is meaningless now.

No, you’ve earned an elimination, not a kill. In the TOD you can even see the difference with objectives labeled as “Get 1,000 kills, or get 1,000 eliminations.” There’s a difference.

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Elimination should only count if you put them in DBNO, otherwise it’s just an assist in my eyes.


It makes more sense now since I looked at those and just thought they were pretty much the same thing. But it still shouldn’t be as easy to just shoot them once with a Snub and get another player to finish the job.

it should say assist then elimination .


No…its about people who complained about steal killing.

Now it doesn matter since it goes to you as well.


It’s giving the support player more credit which I’m not against. I always felt the players on my team who provide cover fire should be credited with something more than 4 offered. If I was assisted in a kill then both should get credit. No need to add another scoreboard statistic for assists.


I see where you’re coming from, being a long-term player myself. However, the elitist attitude of some of the Gears players is out of control. I personally don’t mind the eliminations thing - you have to do decent damage to make it count, and people who don’t deserve high elimination counts aren’t going to get them. I think it’s a good middle-ground. Saying to remove it because it takes away from your experience as a Gears player is pretty petty. Gears is a tough game to get into, and catering everything to the “wanna-be-the-highest-KD” type of people is going to get a game nowhere. I bet it will be a welcome change, even if they do need to balance it to make it require more damage, etc.


That sounds like a fair suggestion and fixes the kill stealing issue nicely

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The problem is a support player isn’t getting the credit they deserve. I play with a group where we have a player who isn’t great with a Gnasher but she can tear it up with a Lancer. But since she teams up with high Diamond players she doesn’t get many kills because she may do 90% of the damage but usually the Diamond player finishes the enemy off.

The Eliminations statistic gives her the credit she deserves. I couldn’t tell you how many times her crossing has helped me not only in a solo battle but in battles where I’m outnumbered 4-1. Support players deserve scoreboard recognition and I for one am happy it’s there.

For the record, I’m a slayer. I don’t need “eliminations” to get higher kill counts. I just believe giving credit to those who help is important.


I like eliminations. I could care less how many kills someone gets anyway, I’m more interested in seeing how they’re contributing to the team. Score is the most valid determination of who’s performing best since it’s based on damage output, so I mostly just pay attention to that (except in TDM, where I’m usually trying to wrap my head around how someone can go 2 and 20 and why they had to be on my team lol).

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