Daily Versus Objectives

Hi everyone, just have a question about the daily versus objectives. I used to use Arcade mode to farm almost all the daily versus objectives, but now that mode is gone i am finding it alot more time consuming to get them. For example - 15 kills with explosive weapons. My only option now is to join a CO-OP-AI game and hope i get to an explosive weapon quick enough, that is if there is one on the map. It is just so much more annoying than before to get those objectives met that for the last few days i have gave them a miss entirely. What is everyone else doing to get them? Did you also use Arcade mode lke me to get them? Thanks.

Anything I could do in Horde or Escape, I’d do it in those modes. Anything else I’d do i Versus AI matches if possible. I hate Arcade. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have thought that Versus AI would be quicker anyway. I’m pretty sure all maps have at least one explosive weapon on it. It’s the heavy weapon objective which takes longer as only a handful of maps have those!

Anything that is not specific to vs or escape is a lot faster to do in horde.

Generally speaking, yeah. There are some objectives which involve killing X number of certain enemies. If you know the Escape hives, you could do it quicker than relying on Horde due to RNG enemy spawns (e.g.: kill 5 bosses - quicker to play The Trap and kill the Stumps; or kill 10 Scions - quicker to play The Line).

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Versus AI would be quicker if not for everyone thinking like that. I have been in many matches where several people seemingly have the same objective, which leads to everyone just camping by the power weapons or grenades. If I had my way everything that can’t be done with loadout weapons would be removed from vs. objectives, right now the more convoluted challenges are just ruining matches IMO. I realize they want to make a challenge, but many of the challenges we have now comes at cost of playing the game as it’s intended to be played.

Thanks for the reply. Co-op-AI is only really quicker if your farming kills, but if you want kills with specific weapons like Sniper kills or Explosive kills then it was far easier to achieve that in the Arcade mode. Far easier. 20 kills with shotguns or assault guns are much quicker in Co-op-AI, and kills in general without a specific method, but for specific methods Arcade mode was by far the best way to accomplish them.

hi clever dev s
what should i do ?
no arcade but active objective!!!
it is 3rd time i used free 0 iron to change it but no luck

Thats something i never thought about. I have done this objective many times before but not seen it since Arcade mode was removed. I think i will be giving the versus objectives a miss for the time being, unless they can be easily done in Co-op-AI mode.

Reroll as intended of course!

rerolled for 3rd time and system replace this one with another one that related to arcade !!!
this dev team is funny. :rofl:

5 3 1 you can do it!
Yeah it is pretty sad they left it in.

Happy to report back since i posted this topic all the daily objectives i have had since have been fair and easy to get playing Co-Op-AI. No more 15 Sniper Kills or 10 Explosive Kills malarky, were you have to hope and pray that 1) there is a sniper rifle or explosive weapon on the map and 2) you get to it first. It was just far too time consuming to do those objectives on Co-Op-AI.

CoOp VS AI is my method. I use the free reroll when Arcade wins come up.