Daily reminder...and dark fate?

Multiplayer is broken, devs ignore the forum, still buggy , little content, but the store is alive and well . I know some have worries but I can confirm, store IS working fine.

  • Will terminator date fake be coming to private horde since the event is over like Juvie Madness did in Gears 4?
  • MP is far from broken. If anything it’s in a pretty good place right now since all the post launch updates (lancer nerf, global aim adhesion nerf, Boom buff, weapon drop fix, melee nerf, etc).
  • The Director of MP Design posts in the forums and responds directly to fans on a daily basis, almost too much.
  • Operation 2 is in 2 weeks which will add new modes, maps, characters, and a new Tour.
  • It might come back in the future, who knows.

Here’s a preview of the terminator game


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