Daily Objective, Win a Ranked Match - New In OP5?

When did the daily VS objective start putting in winning ranked matches?

I’ve had compete a FFA match several times before in OP4. But that’s complete, win or lose. On Tuesday when OP5 launched I had a 1* daily to win a 2v2 Gnashers match. Seriously? Just 1 flippin star to win a ranked match? Then I got it again on Friday. I hate wasting a free reroll on an incomplete objective, but I’m sick of dealing with trying to win a ranked match when I have to go solo with a random teammate who is idling.

Has this been around since before OP5 and I’ve been super lucky until this week?

I hate those challenges. It should just be win a VS match and thats it. Like when I get a horde challenge I can do it in both Frenzy or the 50 waves and so a Vs challenge should be about the same and allow players to do it either ranked or quickplay or co-op v AI.

I keep getting win 3 Arcade matches and spend match after match chasing a win lol.

Haven’t seen them yet but that’s an instant re-roll for me, if so. I’ve given up on ranked since OP1 and t’s probably worse than get x kills with heavy weapons that are only on a few maps, which then somehow never appear.

Been around ages, since they added 2v2.

I got Legend 666 last OP and I never once saw this as a daily.

It was very rare, I got to legend 66 or something and had it once or twice.

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Hope my streak holds out then :sweat_smile:

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Not very common now we only have one vs objective a day, I got it quite a bit back in the dark days when we had three objectives and they all could be anything.

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