Daily Horde and Escape CXP

So the daily horde and escape doesn’t offer character XP every day like it did for the first day or two?

I think it does

For the daily hive for today and they don’t show CXP as a reward. Instead, it shows 100 coins for beginner, 3 cards for advanced, 2 cards for incon. I’m assuming the symbol means cards. The cards distribution thing seems odd though.

It also offers double skill cards.

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You have a screenshot? also what does the daily horde map give for beginner?

See, I’ve told you. That’s what we get for people posting about this. Incon and Advanced for the Hive seem to reward rarer cards rather than CXP. Same for Horde.

Uncle Clay all over again.

Oh, and my Lv18 cards are STILL locked. Of course they are. TC focusing on the important stuff again.


Same thing.

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I don’t mind extra cards. Getting to 20 is easy in comparison to getting lvl 6 cards maxed


Wish I could take advantage of this but all my old cards were already maxed out and the new ones are still locked. Really great OP so far…

They planned the cards thing from the beginning.

Dev stream showed CXP as well so… Sauce?

Cards mean absolutely nothing to me anymore as TC has completely betrayed whatever little trust I had left for them.

They’ve shown they can and will take cards away completely after people spent massive amounts of time grinding for them such as the Launcher Capacity for JD and nerfs to other cards for other characters.

Removing and nerfing card demonstrates a total lack of respect for gamers precious time.

I’m only playing for the achievements now and not for fun as that aspect is gone.


Well, the fact that I remember talk about it from TC to provide guaranteed Legendary skills, this is the form it has taken. What I unfortunately don’t remember is the place or video/stream where that was said.

So if you choose to not believe it, understandable.

All I’m saying is that the timing of adding them seems slightly suspicious. If they actually planned it why not rotate CXP/Cards/CXP etc pp?

What they need to add is guaranteed non maxed purple cards as a reward. Most of my gold cards are well over max

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Probably because logic or consistency isn’t always the strong suit of TC when it comes to these decisions, it seems. Or it’s yet another thing decided at random by a system.

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Different rewards for different daily challenges innit.

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I got 6 gold cards in one run thanks to that.

Doesn’t appear CXP is a bonus anymore.

Not at the moment, I feel they will change it up. You either get CXP or more cards

Hey everyone, the rewards are random. There are a number of different combinations and it chooses one each day.