Daily Horde and Escape Challenge Map, Modifiers, and Rewards

@Scoops_4 Thank You for changing the title to include escape maps too!

Daily Horde - Blooddrive
-more lethal, ghost drones, more health, ghost flushers, agressive enemies, ghost heavies
-100 gold coins, 3 cards, 1 gold card.
-6 bonus cards

Escape- The mines


Also, why isn’t anyone posting today’s maps? As OP said, this thread would be useful for all only if it is a community effort…

I am not playing Gears regularly as of two weeks (Currently a bit busy), so for people like me it would be nice to just hop in the forum to see what are the daily challenges and the corresponding rewards.

For players who log in to Gears daily, this wouldn’t take much of your time…

For me, they just changed about 7 mins ago.

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Think theres 2 frags on melee brawl. 1st ammo room to the left after u get the pipes and thers 1 down the slide at the start, it can be in 3 or 4 locations.

I do alot of decent runs and at least 60/70% of ppl look in the small alcove area to the left when u go up the ladder to run to the door. Its as if their looking for ammo.

Worst ppl are the ones that dont let nomad execute for fear.

Was doing the weekly hive for top1% and had a tact waiting for venom to fill the boom before safe room, they got kicked.

Me and my 1 friend that plays escape do better when its just the 2 of us compared to having a random.

Well they change at 2pm and i was at work, just got home cause my boss let us finish 10 minutes earlier🤣

I’d say the worst people are those who come flying in with melee atatcks to steal your kill when you’re the Nomad. I mean, you’re in the middle of a punch-punch-kick combo and are about to execute them, then some ■■■■■ flies in arms swinging and takes it.

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Yeah that them, i give them 1 chance after i messg them to stop doing it.

Its also bad when a brawler smashes everything and u lose stim.

Don’t even bother with today’s Horde challenge unless you have a trusted team. I just finished three different match attempts and they were torturous. One match, a custom lobby, went on for an hour and a half. A freakin’ hour and a half. And we didn’t even win.
I have no clue how we made it through wave 8 (2 restarts) since we had no power because one guy wouldn’t let us capture taps before killing the last enemy…a deadeye, that was nowhere close :rage:. We had 6 restarts on Wave 12 where we had to eventually retreat to the spawn with the Fab blocking the door because all fortifications were gone, power was gone. 5th restart we had a swarmak and warden…took forever, and I do mean FOREVER, but we got it down to just those two, and instead of everyone focusing on the swarmak, that was down to 1/8th health and trapped at the doorway, they wanted to run out after the warden. We wiped, despite my Jack’s 48 revives. After failing the 6th try, I left, simply to save my controller from penetrating my tv screen.
The other two matches weren’t as bad but damn near close.


Shouldn’t it be really simple without Power Drain and Exe-rules? Del can drown the maps in barriers and everyone shoots in the general direction of the enemy.

Emphasis on ‘should’, it’s never that easy with randoms.

I will take your advice and do the daily Horde with a squad. Aside from being broke, was it the aggressive modifier that made it so hard for your random teammates?


We had no engineer but I don’t suspect it would have mattered. With the more lethal and agressive plus 3 diff ghost enemies, no one knew what TF they were doing. One guy kept moving my vertical barriers in the hallway, and another dude kept upgrading barriers to 3, which is troublesome enough but a guaranteed wipe when your not able to capture taps before the wave ends.
Being Blooddrive, it all COULD have been manageable but with the +Lethal/aggressive, it was hopeless.

I think the agressive plus 3 diff ghost enemies. No one paid attention to the many DR1s until they were right on us and I would zap them to say “hey everybody, look at this ■■■■■■ here” and once my zap cool down took effect, the DR1s would rush extremely fast.

lol todays one is full of ghost enemies. Its freaking nuts and further proves that no one has any idea about the mutators lol. Love seeing someone get a real surprise when a DR-1 is right ontop of them lol


It could be cloaked Guardians and Sentinels… so not the worst possible. Heck, imagine invisible Matriarchs, Kestrels or Wakaatus.

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Easier just to do it as Marksman provided the longshot spawns, and then the Embar drops in second act. So it’s a nice hive to use the Embar card. As Nomad, I couldn’t always guarantee I’d get enough executions due to people jumping in as you say. I blame it on them simply not understanding how Nomad works. At least most seem smart enough to know the Marksman should take snipers and most of the ammo boxes though.

I am willing to try that one lol. This is a lot of fun but the only down side as per usual is not many have any real idea what is going on in the daily challenges.

It would be nasty… well, only if that modifier also removed the health bar indicator above bosses, if it ever happened. Otherwise it would seem a little pointless for anyone who has them on.

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Jesus Christ. I can’t want until The Split is the featured/daily.

The forums are going to be rioting over playing with randoms hehehe.

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The Split really isn’t that bad anymore. Especially with “new” Keegan. And Fahz still exists. Not exactly a very farmable hive though.

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