Daily Horde and Escape Challenge Map, Modifiers, and Rewards (Part 2)

Hey man, you have your way of playing just like everyone does on the forums, but you got to chill. You may call our ways suboptimal or wrong, but it works for us, and we have fun doing it, and that is all that matters at the end of the day. You don’t have to game with us or belittle us for playing a certain way, but you do have to accept that no one is wrong or playing suboptimally because they can work other weapons to their advantage.

Anyway, if you ever want to see the other half then join my master runs and if not then no harm no foul. You have fun in yours and ill have fun in mine.


Except there’s no difference between master and inconceivable except for survivor, which is already on inconceivable about half the time. Anyone who has played Master knows it’s not any more challenging. It’s not some special thing lol you’re adding one modifier - survivor. The increase to any other difficulty is negligible. It’s like arguing there’s some massive difference between advanced and elite - they’re both a joke. That’s fantastic if you have teams you play Master with, as I said I do too but the odds of them all being on at once are slim, so we are usually down to 2-3 of us total and that isn’t going to cut it usually. Although, we will play Master Atrium with 3 because it’s a joke even at that point but most maps you really should have 4 or 5 players.

If you don’t play regularly with the randoms, I actually question how good you really are. The last two days two of us have had to finish inconceivable on a 3 man team, once with a level 5 Gunner because the other two quit and yesterday one of us Jack, me Infiltrator, and the random a garbage Nomad who killed about 1 guy per wave if we were lucky (with the 5 sentries he built lol). In Gears 4, after I had my squad, I never played on public lobbies and we cleared inconceivable twice per night for 50 waves, sometimes 3. It wasn’t hard, it was EASY. Hard was hardcore with randoms, solo, where it might be 2-3 of us left by wave 40 with no base. THAT is hard. So until you’re asked to carry 75% of the damage because your team quit, I don’t want to hear how hard Master is. It isn’t. I can’t tell any difference at all between the two, which is why if we have a full team of course we play Master.

PS: Most of the time I’m playing - 11 pm West to 5 or 6 am West, there aren’t any public lobbies to join even for master. Nor would I want to with people I don’t know because of what I’ve read here. You actually have people who will rage quit or want to boot you for not depositing in Frenzy. I would never deposit on frenzy, even with my friend engineers, money is better spent on perks. A full base just isn’t required. A few barriers are always helpful, but with everyone being a little mini superhero with Ults, a sentry can’t do the kind of work a good player can do. I’d rather help out my friend playing Gunner if I’m Jack and give him some money to perk ammo regen let’s say, or give my Buddy money once he loses a GL because I know what he can do with it. I don’t need the 8th sentry getting in the way and stealing kills because mechanic thinks he’s a damage class all of the sudden lol. This isn’t Gears 4, where you’d build a base and expect it to do about half the work.

Certainly some gems in your replies :


I play solo, with randoms, more often than with a squad. ALWAYS on master. Sometimes randoms can be mind boggling, but I actually enjoy playing with randoms cause it’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. Sometimes you find studs and sometimes you question how someone even manages to get dressed in the morning. Saying there’s no difference between incon and master is pretty ignorant… obviously there is.

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I like it for Bastions too. Not to mention Anchor makes pretty much every weapon strong.

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This is factually untrue.

There are, and always have been, invisible buffs that the enemy gets which the game doesn’t openly mention.

So if you take the standard Horde mutators, on the surface Inconceivable appears to be only missing the Survivor mutator compared to Master, but in actual fact enemies get a buff of extra damage and health. This applies to all difficulties - each extra mutator adds a small amount of extra enemy damage and health on top of whatever the mutator describes.


I have never set up in there and the one 1-50 I did was upper mid (where the Mortar used to spawn)
Was rough at first but we were able to make it. We controlled a large portion of the map which is ideal. Cathedral just seems like you do not have much control of the map and if you get overwhelmed, you don’t have anywhere to get your bearings.

Whereas if you were elsewhere, you could have a good portion of the map under control so if one part gets heavy, you can move over to another part and take care of the invaders and then go back there and try to prevent a reoccurrence.

In case you want to know the actual values they change by (MH = More Health as in the modifier):

Edit: Some of those (like Beginner with More Health or Master without More Health most of the time) are just what ifs to give a better idea of the impact of the modifier.


No, there really isn’t. Either you have great players who won’t struggle to clear master or inconceivable or you have crayon eaters who would struggle on advanced. I haven’t seen much in between. As for randoms, I actually somewhat agree with that - they bring a lot of comedy value to the table. But they’re almost all awful, which is why my friend jokes “our randoms are just built different.” It cracks me up because we hear about you guys playing with some great randoms but we almost never see it. It’s a rare time where let’s say last night, just me and Butter, we each clear a million easily and the randoms struggle to do even 400,000 damage. But I can’t lie and say it’s not funny to watch. A Protector who refuses to use a breaker mace, runs from the warden, doesn’t pick it up when I mark it for him. A demo who drops his Boomshot to use a retro lancer the entire game, never uses his Ult. Just funny and baffling things.

Someone said it on another thread and I guess that is the stupidity I’m seeing - “I don’t play a video game to want to have to read about strategy blah blah.” Then go play retro games, I guess. Any modern game requires a lot of reading and studying to be great at it and I don’t play video games to be mediocre at them - which is why I avoid PVP because I’m hot garbage at it. If it’s the best PVP game I’ve played like Destiny, I can be pretty good at best, but I’ve always hated Gears PvP.

As for the above, huh? So I can’t hate the girl characters in this Gears for the most part? I don’t think valley girl speak belongs in a macho franchise, sorry. The girls are painful. I stand by everything I said. And yes, I’ll play PVP for gold like this week, I want the gold to level my classes so I’ll suffer through getting rocked at PVP.

Just a little heads up, humility isn’t downplaying your abilities, it’s “having a right estimation of oneself.” I don’t have any problem admitting I’m godawful at PVP, a 1 KD for me is a solid game. I’m bad at it. But I am very, very good at Horde, it’s something I’ve played thousands and thousands of hours every single Gears game that has it. It’s my favorite mode in my favorite franchise, it’s not hard to be good as long as you practice and know what you’re doing. I’m always open to “new ways to do things,” but there are ways to play classes that make them better and make them the best they can be. You can certainly play Demo without a Lancer GL, but I’d argue you’re really handicapping a fantastic class. You don’t need a Breaker Mace as Blademaster to “contribute,” but you’ll never be quite the damage / boss killing class you could be. I should know, I forced myself to play without it for a long time because I wanted to get better at the pure movement and timing of a melee class (it was my first). But I wouldn’t go back to doing it that way because it’s, again, suboptimal.

Ouch! I didn’t realise it was that much! I always thought the extra was a small thing. If that’s a “small buff” then my penis is comfortably petite! :smiley:

All I’m saying is a Boomshot or a torque bow or a sniper bullet IS going to down you, I don’t care whether it’s inconceivable or master. You are going to exercise the same caution and have the same issues. If you’re with a great team, you’ll be fine. It’s not like somehow the same team that is fine on inconceivable is going to have major issues on Master. Now that being said, a garbage team like I’ve had on random lobbies without survivor on might be able to struggle bus their way through 12 waves but would have wiped by wave 6 to 8 on master. Because the team is trash.

I also think there are some old school players here who just never adapted. Most of us moved on from 1-50, we never play that anymore, the rewards are bad for the time invested and it also just takes too long. If I’m trying to go to bed in 1 hour, I can play another Frenzy or maybe even say screw it let’s play 2, but I can’t fit in 1-50. Or maybe 2 of us could but 2 of us can’t so we wouldn’t do it. Not enough time. Of course you wouldn’t set up in the church on a 1-50!! Who said you would?! I specifically said you’d never do that. I played that map a million times in Gears 4 and not once did I ever set up in the stupid church, in fact if a random did that we’d drag the fabricator back to the spawn / library area. Because our base would be like 1/3 of the map. But this isn’t 1-50 it’s Frenzy, which is all almost anyone plays now, because again it’s a new game and that’s just the evolution of the game. Same as taps. Same as fortifications now versus Gears 3.

Well, here are just a few “randoms” that I personally met in a random lobby and they were excellent.


And just a few. All of them I met in random lobbies before they became my friends.

So, yes, there are excellent randoms out there.

I’m a random most times for other players as I play Master Horde by myself most times.

Oh, and I usually main Vet or BM - here is a tip for Vet.

When Execution Rules is a mod and Vet uses his Ult, you can use your snub to kill those DBNO enemies. You won’t be able to kill them with a lancer when they are down but you Snub can.


It’s always fantastic to meet good players on random matches. I have no doubt that in maybe 6 months, if I’m playing still (hope so), I’d love to find some random Master lobbies to join. But there’s no point to that for goal oriented gaming. I don’t have all max cards, wish I did, but most players like me are sitting on a lot of purple 5s because there are so many classes and a lot of yellows that are 4-5. Master doesn’t give commensurately better rewards. Many times on Master I’ve gotten nothing but green and blue cards still, or we fail to BS on wave 9 and get 2 cards. It’s better bang for your buck to play without survivor on so you can guarantee the full 4 cards with the best possible chance for yellows and purples.

Obviously, if you have every card to 6, you’re purely playing for the fun and challenge or social aspect. You don’t need to care if you fail. But I do, because I would very much like to max my cards for my favorite classes if nothing else.

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You should play Escape then. Escape gives better rewards and cards.

I always keep my eye out for names I recognize. For example, when I saw Soldiermxdeath’s lobby the other day, I was thinking “hey, I recognize this guy, I know he knows what he is doing so I will join this one.”


I literally just joined one random Master lobby for the daily on Harbor and it was Gnasty Samantha’s lobby: aka @Ultra_Gnasty (GG by the way)

What are you even talking about?


Maybe he is saying that if the guys here were any good, they would be in his lobbies or would be seen in the browser which is ridiculous since what if they aren’t playing at the moment? Does that mean they aren’t good?

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Well, they only plays incon and I only play master and many others only play master, so it’s very unlikely he will ever see any of us for that reason.

GG. To be quite honest, I didn’t recognize your name when you joined :sweat_smile:. However, I did recognize that Al Soldier player because he joined as a mechanic yesterday when I played with Koty and Wicked

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Now that is a name I haven’t seen in ages.