Daily Horde and Escape Challenge Map, Modifiers, and Rewards (Part 2)

Not me, haven’t had one on the few games I played there.

For the record, honour where it is due.
He might post alot of garbage, but that one is actually true now.
I was personally amazed how decent a striker can do now heh.

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Really? This isn’t what you said earlier in the thread…

And FYI my classes have all been level 20 since Christmas and 90% of them all have max level 6 cards.

And you STILL haven’t responded to my post asking you how many times you’ve Mastered Mercy on 50 and 12, which you conveniently ignored. I posted my stats for that map, where’s yours?



I can answer that. 0.


Well if he/she doesn’t play on Master you can well understand why they’d want to hide away in the Cathedral. Playing outside the Cathedral seems far too difficult for most inexperienced nooby players on high difficultly levels.



Are you a PvP player by any chance?

I’ve come across a few PvP players that are very good but unfortunately they claim that they can play PvE on Master with no cards, basically just relying on their skills ( which I’m sure they have ) but Horde ans Escape are different from PvP.

Also, just a little note - there are many ways to play different classes. Nothing is set in stone. People can and should explore different builds/ set ups.


You stalking him/her? :wink:

I think they mentioned in another thread that they don’t play much PVP and they consider themselves to be average at it.


Of course! I mean who now ?

To be fair here, I don’t mind the guy in itself, I mind the showcasing of their supposed superiority.
Nagged me for a while and when they answered me it was just the last drop.

Also they picked a fight with @WarmJewel54743 a person I actually do like :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t give a flying fart about your stats on Mercy. I played Gears 4 for years and never once met anyone who could outsnipe me and we only played the toughest difficulty. What I’m tired of is the absolute stupidity of asking about Master, a difficulty that DOES NOT EXIST except in custom lobbies. And no, Master isn’t any harder than Inconceivable. Every time I actually have played Master, it’s obviously WITH my team, thus it always seems way easier than Inconceivable which is always with at least 2 or 3 randoms, one or two of whom quit.

Waiting outside in Mercy is absolute idiocy. And two can play at your game, let’s see your YouTube video where you held outside on Mercy with Freezing Rifles that are twice as accurate and how you dealt with the Kestrel that spawned.

I’ll wait.

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Ultra, Jewel and I all did this exact thing. There is no video of it because its not really that significant of a strategy. We setup in the versus spawn. Ultra and I were both Gunners using the Tbow build and basically stood out in the open the entire time. Only difference was I had on freeze resist and ultra had on Bait Armor. When we got a kestrel it shot at Ultra and it died. Nothing significant in the slightest.


Right, definitely it died on master immediately. I’m sure in the entire time your whole team had a little picnic outside, because cover is stupid and for n00bs LOL.

I don’t need to sit here and argue frankly, my gameplay speaks for itself. I play the game constantly and I’m very good at it, I’ve been very good since Gears 2, so I really don’t care no offense what a group of strangers I’ve never once seen think. My friend I met on Gears is the best player on the game, I have no doubt about that, and he put it well - if any of these players on this forum who talk about their great skill were any good, we’d have seen you in the lobbies. We haven’t. Not a single name looks familiar.


So delicate.

Strawman arguments.

Alright buddy. Love you.

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Where is this gameplay?

I dont really think anyone on here brags about how good they are. We’re on here to talk about Gears.
And how are we supposed to get into a lobby with you if all you play is Inconceivable?


Exactly. Like I’ve said, the good players don’t need to brag, behave arrogantly or put down other people. I’ve not played with every PVE player who frequents the forums but I’ve played with a reasonable number. All the good ones are humble, they know what they know about the game and have an awareness of their ability - so they know their weaknesses as well. They also tend to be open minded to doing things differently like using different builds. They certainly wouldn’t feel the need to flex.


See, find one post where I ever “bragged” before this clown comes in and says anyone is a n00b for picking the ideal spot on that daily with freezing rifles on Mercy. You can’t do it. I never said anything like that, but when some blowhard comes in talking about his great skill for holding on the worst part of a map? Yeah, you’re right I’ll chime in because he isn’t half the Horde player I am. Just another tryhard who has no clue what he’s actually doing.

Durrr I don’t use heavy weapons with Gunner despite the passive literally being for them. Durrr I play mechanic but drop the repair tool because you wouldn’t believe how good the Snub is when paired with my buddy who plays Anchor and throws up his shield so he can cryo freeze through it. You are exactly the type of player that makes playing on any public lobby miserable because while you should be outputting massive damage on boss waves, you’re sitting there torque bowing the Swarmak. Or solo ulting cross map as a Veteran with a snub or some stupid thing that baffles the rest of us as we watch the sad damage output.

I’ve learned a ton from reading these forums, from creative players who are skilled. But then there’s this other contingent of idiots who can’t wait to tell you what terrible cards they put on and how playing the class completely wrong “is actually pretty good if (whatever random thing follows).” No, no it isn’t. Gears 5 is a great game but it’s pretty simple in how classes are played. There are different ways to play many classes, yes, but there are way more ways to do it wrong. If you’re not using the weapons designed for your class, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re not figuring out basic things like where to wait on given maps, you’re doing it wrong. Nobody has ever said you can’t do it wrong and win anyway, but what you’re talking about is suboptimal play.

Anyway, I’m really not interested in arguing about it, I see my screen every game, I certainly don’t struggle lol

Horde Daily: Harbor
Inconceivable: 400 GC
Advanced: 300 GC
Beginner: 2,500 CXP
Modifiers: More Lethal, Vampiric Enemies, More Health, Only Regen In Cover, Vampire, Regen Penalty, Survivor.

Escape Daily: Last Stand
Inconceivable: 6 Cards
Advanced: 4 Cards
Beginner: 2,500 CXP

So yeah suppose ill take assualt Jack out for a run lol.



We haven’t seen you cause you’re playing on inconceivable…
People on the forums, for the most part, play nothing but master because anything lower isn’t challenging…