Daily Horde and Escape Challenge Map, Modifiers, and Rewards (Part 2)

I imagine all you would then see is Atrium or overload with as many green mutators as possible. They should have done it like gears 3 (iirc) where the easier mutators lower the difficulty :grin:

Yeah they’d need some work but yes increase / decrease difficulty or rewards based on how many green / red mutators there are

oh hey

I remember trying to learn a Hive from just watching Defensor
did NOT go well.


Learning from Defensor? Not sure about that one.

Of course he did, he has to.

All those jet fumes and lack of vitamin d, man has the memory of a gold fish.

That’s why he chose it as his fursona. :rofl::rofl:

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Yeah I can’t recommend these enough.

We did 5 of the same class of for every class but jack on boss rush.

Now we’ved moved on to two man boss rush.

Its actually getting ridiculous.

First I thought demo/tac on a kestrel/wakatu map was hard,

or 2 brawlers on turbine.

Then I thought just a demo and infiltrator or blade master was hard.

Then it was demo and just a medic

Then it was demo and medic no forts

Then it was demo medic no forts and no perks.

Now were on to demo and architect no forts lolol.

Three wave 10 fails and im about to give up :nauseated_face:

I didnt know Defensor was so extravagent

I’m struggling to discern how much of this is just you two getting into each other’s heads for the hell of it.

Defensor and I have this thing where we talk alot of sh*t to eachother but dont actually get mad. Well. I dont, atleast lol

Horde Daily: Speyer
6 Cards
4 Cards
2,500 CXP

Modifiers : More Lethal, Ghost Drones, More Health, Freezing Grenadiers, Aggressive Enemies, Ghost Heavies, Survivor

Escape Daily: The Detour
10,000 CXP
5,000 CXP
200 Coins


I should’ve known everything I told you from our convo from a couple days ago went in one ear and out the other. Just like everything else I tell you sadly. Rexhold, the gift that keeps on giving.

I swear @Rexhold has no awareness as what he’s doing all the time. He just does things out of impulse to piss me off, expects me to be content with it, and then you three stooges have the audacity to ask why I’m so hostile all the time.

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Just calm down, buddy. We’re all friends here.

Just want to be clear @great defensor is NOT a fury. Just jokes

Hes a furry* though.

I had suspicions but I wasn’t entirely sure what “Furry” meant. Now thanks to Google, I don’t think I will ever look at @Great_Defensor the same way again.


Horde Daily: Forge
10,000 CXP
5,000 CXP
200 Coins

Modifiers: Shielded Grenadiers, More Health, Aggressive Enemies, More Lethal, Vampiric Drones, Survivor, Power Drain

Escape Daily: The Surge
1 Legendary Card
4 Cards
200 Coins


I knew Luigi was into some weird :poop:!

I saw this today. It can’t be coincidence :thinking:.

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