Daily Horde and Escape Challenge Map, Modifiers, and Rewards (Part 2)

Well my main issue is TCs lazy coding making the game consider the weapon you’re holding as the damage source, rather than the projectile itself, thus reflecting bleed and other damage back on you.

But I also despise giving enemies a de facto immunity period to everything but executions and meatshields. Especially Scions, DR-1s and Wardens, which can’t be executed. Shielded Enemies imo is a much better and more interesting modifier to counter. (And you can do more than just stun them while waiting for the annoying immunity period to wear off, if using say, Gunner or Pilot.)


It’s especially silly when the reflective shell hurts the Engineer when they have the shell activated while walking over a barrier. So dumb lol.

I joined a lobby for todays daily horde.
A player who chose BM with long range gambit mod types in chat ( right before we start) - “ Noobz being noobz”.

Then he proceeds to donating all the money before wave 1 and goes to use The Claw and Lancer…

We failed on wave 8. By that time I had 40 revives. Who is being a noob here?

The guy with the most damage was Gunner. Lvl 14 Nomad did better than BM.

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Classic Dunning-Kruger Effect here!

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This is why I always put “Please Read Mutators” in the lobby name.

People don’t pay attention.

Although the last time Reactor was the daily map, I played as Demo with Reduced Explosive & Bleed Damage to see how useless I would be lol. Would not recommend.

It is fun to try to play classes that are so against the mutators every now and then. But randoms be randoms.

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:thinking: Infiltrator technically works even without Bleeding (Blood Resonance still working even if bleeding doesn’t hurt them so you still get stim killing stuff), Gunner’s Stuns still work well even if there’s no Explosive Damage, and Marksman’s damage output is so high that even the Gambit modifier for Long Distances doesn’t “hurt” him enough.

What else is there? :thinking:

You can kind of play Blademaster with this mod set too. You might just not want to take out a ballistic weapon after whacking a big enemy with a mace or when your ult is inactive.

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Plenty of examples :smiley: off the top of my head

  • Demo/Tact/Infiltrator/Blademaster/Striker/Protector etc… when there’s Reduced Bleeding Damage
  • Pilot / Gunner / Slugger with Reduced Explosive Damage
  • Gunner / Pilot with Reduced Heavy Damage (really isn’t that detrimental anyway, change the build slighlty)
  • CQC classes with Long Range Gambit or Double Melee Damage (ain’t that bad either)
  • Long-distance classes with Close Range Gambit
  • Squishy (non-tank) classes with Freezing/Shock/Poison mutators and Even Stronger Enemies (3x damage)
  • Bleeding classes with Reflective Shell mutators, heck even the Engineer takes damage if an enemy activates Reflective Shell while walking through barriers
  • Using CQC/melee classes with Only Regen in Cover
  • Using long-ultimate recharge classes with Ultra Slow Recharge (ex: Demolitions, Pilot, Marksman)
  • Using Engineer classes with Ultra Power Drain
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Is hardly worth taking in the Ultra Slow Recharge because of Ultra Power Drain. Unless you want to use the Enforcer with the class.

Indeed. I was just referring to that class being one of the slower classes to get it’s ULT back. Usually when that mutator is on, I use Gunner.

So a funny thing, the freeze snipers modifier doesn’t work with Elite Snipers for some reason.

I suppose, but Marksman and Demo can at least still kind of function in the daily.

I wasn’t referring to today lol. Markman and Demo are fine for today’s map. Not so fine for a day when there’s Ultra Slow Recharge / Ultra Power Drain.

Ehh, I’ve seen then used on the daily with those two mods effectively. Works reasonably well with an EMBAR + Longshot combo, and a Demo can use a grenade build on top of GL/Boom.

Can probably be a pain when multiple poison mutators are in play. Might depend on how well the rest of the team can keep flushers / drones away from the base and if a Robotics Expert can snipe fast enough to heal fortifications.

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Of course you can use them. But the person I was responding was asking for a bunch of scenarios where the mutators put certain classes at a disadvantage or somewhat of one.

Marksman doesn’t need to use their ULT to be good.

I just don’t use the ultimate ability (much) with this mutator set. I’ve used Demolitions coupled with Good Kill which helps team mates given we basically won’t have Lockers, and I ask them to leave one of the big ammo boxes for me between waves. Tends to work fine.

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Yeah that’s a good strat. I would never use my ULT either because the recharge time is 100 minutes :joy:. So emergencies only.

Honestly I wouldn’t even bring an engineer if there was that mutator. An engineer-less run with a bunch of melee classes would probably be the way to go.

Horde Daily: River
1 Legendary Card
4 Cards
200 Coins

Modifiers : More Lethal, Ghost Drones, More Health, Freezing Grenadiers, Aggressive Enemies, Ghost Heavies, Survivor

Escape Daily: The Corruption
6 Cards
4 Cards
2,500 CXP


Horde Daily: Regency
10,000 CXP
5,000 CXP
200 Coins

Modifiers: Reduced Heavy Damage, More Lethal, Reduced Explosive Damage, Regen Penalty, Triple Melee Damage, Execution Rules, Survivor

Escape Daily: Melee Brawl
6 Cards
4 Cards
2,500 CXP

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