Daily Horde and Escape Challenge Map, Modifiers, and Rewards (Part 2)

Yeah obviously. But by what I can tell, the Wakaatu can’t die while still on the ground. Even when you whack it with a Mace to zero health, it still has to dive back underground, pop back out and fly before you can kill it. It’s really weird.

One time I found that you can give yourself near infinite damage by combining the Mace’s bleed and Pilot’s freeze on a grounded Wakaatu. I finished the round with over two million damage because I kept hitting and bleeding the boss past its health bar while frozen, giving me way more damage than the boss actually had health.

It doesn’t, probably to do with the Campaign scripting of the boss that carried over into Horde(for one reason or another). But if you reduce its health to zero on the ground(or sufficiently close to it), it will normally start flying when it resurfaces, with a relatively low amount of health. Hence why I’d prefer to whack it on the ground with a CQC class.

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I WAS BEING SARCASTIC. I know, I know, hard to read in rext form.

Had the same thing happen last night on Blood Drive but also just in general. Dropshots seem to be like DR-1s sometimes and just completely overpopulate the map.

I keep short range instead of bladedancer. I think I only tested once this card and it was when I began to play BM in horde (I leveled up BM in escape exclusively).
I play BM in a less agressive way than famous BM players here I think. Especially with the current daily mod until I can perk up. So the short range card help me to close gap at the beginning.

As I am playing in public lobby mostly whiteout hosting I don’t want to be kicked because I go down too often. Should try anyway this build.

And the tone of my response didn’t indicate that I was aware? I mean, you ain’t throwing that mace 20 meters into the air, especially not with the way it’s built.

And I don’t mind having lots of Dropshots about because it’s actually possible to not get caught in the barrage(though you still have to beware the plink of doom). If that number of Boomshots was out the game would be unplayable. Well, almost. DR-1s is a mixed bag and mode dependant, first or last 10 waves with DBs in a 50 is a horrific nightmare of Heavy spam, especially once Boomshots and Mulchers start mixing in. And don’t get me started on the Enforcers.

klink klink klink klink


Scout wasn’t tanky? lol what?! What cards did you have on? The class was virtually invincible while running, it was so much fun. Obviously your cards had to be leveled but I would regularly run out of the base on the top difficulty and grab power. Just had to pick your spots. I played Scout as my support main, then Sniper as my damage main. We would take turns who has to do support. It was kind of tedious collecting power for 50 waves but you’d always be busy with reviving and helping the engineer place things so it wasn’t that bad.

Detour today ha ha man I wish I waited until today for that. Yesterday I became the top player in the world for Detour completions, because that’s my card farm, and I got close enough recently that I only did it yesterday to take #1 at long last. It has been good to me. I’ll do it today for the bonus cards I guess.

Lol I facepalmed at myself for that immediately. I refer back to:

Agreed. IMO Dropshot is a WAY more fun and balanced enemy to fight than Boomshot. Aside from clutch ricochet of course.

Yeah, that can get obnoxious. While I like the DeeBees most of the time, I can’t stand not being able to interrupt their self-destruct sequence once they are about to explode.

I had a Dropshot on the pad somehow bounce off from behind me and headshot me perfectly when I was in the process of closing the doors lol unreal.

Do this as Fahz then use his laugh. Its ridiculously satisfying lol.

The only downside to doing this is the ever watchful host. Had a good few hosts who went into tac com and made sure no one perked lol. There is one of them there daily with the title “Deposit till wave 15 or kick” and they watch everyone after each round, but I am still trying to get a sneaky perk past them lol.

It’s pretty obvious when people are perking early. It’s not like you have a lot of fortifications to distract you.

I don’t mind it if they’re perking an ammo perk or BM bleed. My inspection of deposits is so that I can keep a mental ledger of when I should upgrade a locker or who I will buy a locker for. My intent isn’t to kick.

I mean, even with no deposits a Mechanic can easily have 12 barriers up wave 10 with power drain.

Also I don’t ever join a Deposit lobby. It’s especially laughable when it’s a daily like yesterday with the Power Boost. I don’t want to give those guys patronage lol.


Probably the dumbest question I asked.

Recently what random lobbies are the best ones to join (that you have enjoyed the most)? You can plug in the names of those hosts to lol. I’m talking about a random lobby that has very strict rules of deposit lol.

Also, it doesn’t matter if it’s 1-50 regular horde or 1-12 (frenzy).

Majority of lobbies I see it has everything related to “deposit” lol.

We never mention deposit in the lobby title. We won’t ever kick you for not depositing. It’s just we write in chat please deposit until 10. If you don’t, that’s fine honestly, but please be good and please kill and don’t expect a locker. And I mean you aren’t getting a locker for a while then because we don’t even know you need it and won’t have the money for a bit without the deposits. Need that second tap, etc.

I don’t like the deposit Nazis. It’s just a team game so whatever is best for the team, and that might be you perking because you’re gods gift lol. But that’s why I’ll often attempt to play a non-locker class with my Demo friend so our engineer isn’t building for me too (Nomad, Jack, Infiltrator, Anchor for instance) and I know my friend can literally output half the team’s damage as Demo and save us from bad situations IF he has a locker and boomshots.

I’m glad a lot of players are annoyed by the deposit Nazis, that makes me feel better we aren’t the only ones lol. We saw “deposit until 29 or get kicked” and the guy literally kicked everyone and was in the lobby by himself. I had rejoined because I disconnected and by the time I came back, he was alone in the lobby hahaha. You can’t win if you don’t perk until 29 on Master, sorry, that just isn’t happening.


Yeah. If they have a “Deposit until # or kick” title I just don’t join. Because by this point in the game’s life, the really good players worth playing with don’t have that. Or, conversely, it’s a lobby made by a more casual player who’s just there to have a chill time. I’ll take either.

I sometimes put ‘if you want a locker deposit’ purely because I was sick of all the people that want a locker on wave 1 expecting everyone else to pay for it while they perk up.

If a demo doesn’t deposit, he’s waiting. I also won’t give him a level 4 off straight off. Of course team composition and modifiers varies my own rules from time to time.

If no one deposits I happily build my base and wait for the whinging.

All said and done I don’t like the perk system. I think it would have been much better if you all put in the fab and could buy a team perk to level 1 for x thousand which made everyone’s perks on all powers level 1 and so on. Then when someone drops and someone else joins they are powered up and it would be more team focused. Plus it makes perking up the engi easier with regards to spending what he’s carrying.

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Sounds like a good idea in theory, and it might solve players potentially feeling discouraged from joining in progress as your perks start out at zero, but I feel as if that idea might also fail to the usual stupidity and lack of teamwork/understanding of randoms.

I used to have ‘Perk 15 on’ for 1-50 and ‘Perk 4 on’ for Frenzy because that’s what I do when not playing a class that needs to perk early. But I dropped it because it’s dependent on what classes you have and what mutators are on and I couldn’t be bothered to keep changing it.

The biggest problem is when playing wih randoms. Recently I’ve seen Marksmen and Vets eg, perking as early as wave 3 or 4 in a 1-50 which is rediculous. They get warned and if they continue they get kicked. Easiest way of dealing with it.

In my experience, playing with good players, playing non early perking classes, they will instinctively continue depositing everything until the Engineer tells them to start perking, so it isn’t an issue.


On time I felt really bad, because a Demo was apparently waiting for the go-ahead to perk even though our lobby and our engineer never once said they couldn’t. They were just being polite. Somewhere in the 30s, they just wrote in the chat, “Perk???” and all of us felt bad and started giving them all our energy the next five or six waves to catch up.

But anecdote aside, that’s a smart way to do it, yeah! When I engineer, I tend not to worry what people do with their money. I just don’t want them buying their own fortifications unless we’re drowning in money in the 40s. Past that, they can deposit if they want stuff or perk if they don’t. I’ll make do.

By the way, since I’ve been playing Combat Medic recently, there’s something I discovered that I didn’t know before. (This may be common knowledge, but I didn’t know.)

If you have Intervention and pick up a meat shield, it’ll actually only count as a kill the moment you let go of the shield, rather than when you pick it up. I was holding one before a teammate went down, then dropped my shield by switching to my Lancer to pick him up, and he magically got picked up himself.

Kinda handy for early waves if you want to pick up a drone just in case and not waste your ult.


I remember that. I totally ROFL’ed. They joined part-way and the base was already very much established too. Everything that was built after they joined was just extra bonus stuff and not essential.