Daily Horde and Escape Challenge Map, Modifiers, and Rewards (Part 2)

Yeah the immediate extra Gnasher damage is just too effective not to have. I don’t like not being able to scratch Scions. As for Nomad Armor the difference is so noticeable, especially with Stim. In Escape it makes being aggressive on Drones SO much easier lol. Theoretically with perfect (and non-buggy) use of Fear and stuns, you can live without it but we all know how this game likes to make sure you die lol.

I also SOMETIMES go without Menace if I’m trying something else but then I instantly regret it when I don’t have Ult for yet another Scion. Like Nomad Armor and indirect cover use, you could potentially focus on leveraging Faze but once again there might be that one lone Scion again.

Overall anything else requires being a bit more careful, but like you I try to keep holding forward lol. So the established build is still it so far.

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I’ve never had that, but Popeyes, specifically, always makes going to the bathroom hard the next day. I don’t know why. It’s just Popeyes. And it’s regardless of which thing I order (but it’s always chicken, so, something in their batter for the breading maybe?).

I hate myself every time I order Popeyes. It’s like once a month lol.

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I keep thinking about slotting Nomad Armor back on my CQC set but just haven’t felt like I notice a huge enough difference to warrant using a skill slot on it. Once you get up to 2x or 2.5x damage I still feel like I’m getting oneshot anyway or bursted down too quickly for it to matter. I like Lifeline/Armored Shot to keep stim active more reliably, especially if I don’t have a medic or anchor or something, and it opens up the option to dunk on bosses by cheesing bleed damage :stuck_out_tongue:

I should try Nomad Armor/Gnasher more and just ignore Armored Shot entirely and see if that works for me

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Nomad Armor isn’t meant to make the class be able to face-tank by itself like Inflitrator or Gunner. Nomad’s primary sources of survivability is by indirectly tanking via Fearing/stunning enemies to not shoot back, or being outright invincible while Executing. If done perfectly, the class doesn’t technically need any other damage resistance.

HOWEVER. What Nomad Armor then does is allow a little extra breathing room to make use of Nomad’s abilities. Whether it be simply forgiveness for mistakes and providing a little room for error, or even letting someone use the class a bit more recklessly, which for aggressive players can be fantastic. Basically, use it to help get Executions that you otherwise wouldn’t, allowing you to make even more use of the CQC Fear stuff.

Plus, regarding the late-game poisons for increased enemy damage in Horde? Be sure you perk up Health as well as defend taps as much as you can to gradually stack up even more health. That potential 150% total combined health makes the 32% damage resistance spread out and stretch farther.

Enemies doing a third less damage is no joke for a class that doesn’thave to get shot to begin with, particularly for rapid-fire weapons. Most enemy attacks that could 1-hit down you are pretty avoidable and the Stim will protect from most of those anyways.

This is also not a bad combo depending on what you are using it for or with and if it fits your playstyle, then sure! Nomad can be played in a large variety of ways.

By all means, try it. Gnasher serves much better and easier against big non-boss enemies than Bleed usually does (though it has it’s uses, don’t get me wrong), and I would say that the best place to test out Nomad Armor first would maybe be Escape against fewer enemies at a time.

Anyway psst… have you seen the vid I made relating to Nomad? :wink:

I haven’t!

I do use Nomad Armor if I’m trying to solo Escape, and if I’m CQC/Fearchain Nomad I do typically perk Health first. My gripe is usually that even if I have Nomad Armor and high health, I still feel like I get mowed down in Horde faster than I’d like (a general complaint of the game, not just for the Nomad). With More Lethal and higher waves, incoming damage is so high it feels like it doesn’t make a big difference.

Still, I do sometimes use it to just have it always on, as Lifeline is occasionally a fickle mistress. Lifeline is still kinda low-level too, so I’d like to bring that up some more.

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Eh, unfortunately that is just how the game is. I’ve never been a fan of that either but it is just something to get used to. Best thing is to study the game mechanics and enemy behaviors to hopefully help alleviate some pain.

Horde Daily: Reactor
Inconceivable: 6 Cards
Advanced: 4 Cards
Beginner: 2,500 CXP
Mutators: More Lethal, Ghost Drones, More Health, Freezing Grenadiers, Aggressive Enemies, Ghost Heavies

Escape Daily: The Warren
Inconceivable: 1 Legendary card
Advanced: 4 cards
Beginner: 200 GC

Escape Weekly: The Hunters
Inconceivable: 3 Legendary cards
Advanced: 6 cards
Beginner: 500 GC

Just one more day until two days of J U I C E @RelaxingKoty @Ultra_Gnasty


So I have been messing around with my ranged Brawler build, but I just can’t seem to find a build that suits me. Normally I am tackling the hell out of 50 and frenzies but thought I would get back into ranged play just to change things up a bit.

Any way, any one else use ranged Brawler and if so share your build to give me ideas please lol.

Have you tried Burn Boost? May be gimmicky as all hell but may be fun too. Could run:

Torch Tackle
Burn Boost
Perk Up
Play With Fire
Damage Dash/Pyromaniac

Might have to try it myself sometime.


whole team quit on wave 11 after one wipe, WHY :sob:

How does Pyromaniac even work i thought at 1st if a tackle do 275% burn damage it should do 550% burn damage since that’s how i see 100% extra burn damage as but that did not seem like the case kind of disappointed.

It is a flat increase of burn damage by 50 (just +100 percent the base power of the burn damage over time) IIRC.


ok guess my mind was thinking it was whatever it do with cards its + that number again. I seen its a really good card paired with play with fire but the tackle build don’t even notice a difference with that card equipped.

If you have Scorcher Mastery on, your burn damage will do an additional 35 damage (85 instead of 50 per tick for example) if it is max which is nice.

Pyromaniac will just get in the way of a Tackle build since stuff may burn to death before you can kill it with a tackle to heal + stim up


I’ve been meaning to try this card more in ‘real’ matches. From messing around it seems best with a sort of hybrid tackle/ranged build. One where you Active to shoot and prime something with Fire, then sprint up to them and immediately do the extra Torch Tackle damage on the first hit, which is more likely to immediately kill sooner which the auto-Active reloads your gun and then you start shooting again to prime with Fire and repeat the process. One of these days…

Yes, exactly. Definitely recommend this advice. I so wish that they had buffed the Brawler passive to include Burn kills to alleviate that nonsense but here we are. Have to ensure those tackles for survivability.

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Juicy Enemies. Blood Drive is Blood Drive but playing BM on this map was actually wild. I could handle the entire other side of the map, there were so many enemies that spawn on the complete opposite side. Ultra saved me a few times due to a Grenadier blasting me lol


IMO playing CQC on Blood Drive is actually be pretty darn fun. It was the perfect testing ground for Brawler Ult spamming. Just gotta hope the team puts the Fab a bit forward instead of the very back.

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Also works decently well for a Nomad and Blademaster. Until the game decides to make a flash bounce off a Boomshot that’s to your right, not on the screen and dies a second later so that other Boomshot further down the corridor isn’t stunned like it’s supposed to.

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@WrinklyHornet34 hope you’re okay mate. You haven’t posted today’s dailies. Everyone’s worried about you.

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