Daily Horde and Escape Challenge Map, Modifiers, and Rewards (Part 2)

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Huh. I had no idea there was a limit of 10,000 posts. Neat!




I didnt know there was a limit. I saw it got closed and thought “did the thread really get closed because of a Blademaster debate” lol


@Tinybel99 I think brawler is better than blademaster as it has stim protecting 1 life by those stupid poppers.

I mean you have a better survival ability using brawler than blademaster


That was my exact same thought. I was about to crack up.

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This is the first time I’ve ever seen this, and likely the last.

Excellent work people.


Lol I thought exactly the same thing.

I thought - did someone complain / flagged the thread lol


I’ve seen it on Smash forums but never here. A thread getting too large can cause unnecessary stress on the backend. We had to just manually close threads when the site started showing effects, but having a built-in feature is pretty smart.

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Ahh could be, I think I haven’t even tried on brawler heh

Good in one Hive doesn’t equal good for escape in general. Striker is good for Melee Brawl but no one thinks that makes it a good escape class.

Neither of them are completely dependent on it to function, though. Anchor’s venom cards just work to give you a little boost if the venom is creeping up on you. Tactician can always just double back to quickly fill up explosive ammo, and Recharge Bounty is nearly as strong as venom boost, and has the extra benefit of also helping your teammates.

For me, Blademaster in Escape follows a simple calculus. It has to take extra steps that no other class does just to function -> with that achieved, the class’s playstyle is still risky and prone to catastrophic failure -> class is too much trouble, not good for Escape.

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So you just don’t like to play in a risky way, doesn’t mean that that class is poor as hell.

Specific saying, you can’t accept any possible failures in playing those risky classes while those easy-functional classes like tactician, anchor, brawler (long-ranged only) are very “safe” in theory to play in escape.

However, you can still get wiped using the most safety class.

Same application on horde, then marksman, demolition, tactician are very good in horde, but you still can’t persuade people that blademaster sucks at horde.

You didn’t say like that, but your logic is kind of like that.

Ah missunderstanding on my part sorry, yeah the line is a bit more annoying for a bm at the start since the venom can lock out some rooms.
Since you generally only need the closest two(or only one) that shouldn’t be a problem.
If you got patience, the BM can easily deal with anything beyond that.

The best for Venom Run is the Infiltrator with the Stim Batteries. Absolutely indestructible and it could stay safely in the dark venom while replenishing stim with some bleed kills or Juvies.

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It is 100% of the time, can’t really fail when using Infiltrator, but talking to brawler versus blademaster for second option, I would choose brawler mostly.


The thing with teammates is a major issue for me. They just don’t want to wait for venom, and frankly I don’t want to wait for venom, either. I play Gears to actually play. A pretty similar issue to the Scout problem in Gears 4 Horde; if you have a Scout, yeah, the game is pretty good, but getting one is a non-trivial roadblock to the full experience. At a certain point you can’t just claim it’s a problem with the players.

Wanna know how I know that you haven’t touched a custom hive even once?

80% is a “little” boost now? Mac can 1shot Elite Drones with active Boltok rounds in venom.

Did they remove Shock Shield?

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Kind of, not many people tend to use that card