Daily Horde and Escape Challenge Map, Modifiers, and Rewards (Part 1)

4 classes actually : Brawler BM Infiltrator protector and even Nomad. At least 2 among those and team spirit you could carry any third class.
The score for 10k Cxp is really easy (did it with lvl12 architect and lvl 6 brawler)
Incon scheduled this evening

This frenzy match making is cancer.

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Sounds like standard public matchmaking experience to me.

I want to play the new maps, just not with level 6 players!

Don’t forget Gunner. He’s as good as BM or Infil on Venom Run.

Last night @Ektope carried my pathetic Striker lvl 13 on Venom Run. For this I’m very grateful. We failed a bunch of times because I was completely useless. But he didn’t quit and stuck with me. Thank you!

Correct for a VR expert like you but Gunner is harder (at least in my hands). When playing with unknowns in this hive I prefer a class I could be autonomous with.
This hive on master gives you no room for any little error or weakness. It is one of those (if not the only one) you know in the 30 first seconds if you will have a chance to win or not. And each encounter requires a perfect management with the perfect pace (and a working flash bang lol)

On Incon with one venom mutator off it becomes quiet easy and you have more margins. I am not a big fan of this hive but since the target time seems achievable I plan to do it (probably with my level16 protector)

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If you’re online rn, I can carry you through VR.

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Many thanks for the proposal. Unfortunately I am not in … just a short forum break during my launch.

Offer still stands. Send me a msg if you’re online. VR takes 5 minutes max.

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What triggers the lockers and relic weapons on atrium?

Barely been able to get a high level game going on frenzy tile maps all day.

Drop down to beginner and there’s all the high level players! The medal requirement should be to finish on inconceivable or this is all you get!

They open randomly after a wave is finished. You’ll notice a prompt similiar to taps. Can be as early as Wave 2. The order in which the doors open is also randomized.

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I managed to capture a Infiltrator bleed bug in the flesh on a clip.

I got 3000 damage and the bleed was 275. My Laceration is at Level 6.

I need more clips to figure out what is happening but the repro on this is the difficult part.

So dailies update 2 hours later now? Alright then.

@TC_Shauny was that on purpose? And why is the weekly hive one we already had when Clock and Past Hive weren’t the weekly yet?


Good, because the patchnotes implied the card as being general damage resistance, not just for ballistics.

Horde Daily: Regency
Beginner: 2500 CXP
Advanced: 300 GC
Inconceivable: 400 GC
Modifiers: Ghost Enemies, More Health, Reflective Shell Heavies, Long Range Gambit, More Lethal, Freezing Sniper Bullets, Survivor*

Escape Daily: The Wanderer
Beginner: 2500 CXP
Advanced: 4 cards
Inconceivable: 6 cards


They still haven’t fixed the aim assist on horde on intermediate to advanced against deebees.

I would be pleased to get this opportunity but was not at home. I hope I can catch another opportunity
But I want to carry my weight as much as I can.

Not gonna say to Blame, but how it’s reasonable for a Gun Game using Aim Assist always?

I mean it’s fine if you’re old like 35 or something that your Reaction Time is very slower than a Teenager or a Young Adult. It shouldn’t be difficult to hide & shoot especially you have Covering.

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Because it helps and the enemies can nearly instantly down on the higher difficulties. It also makes for a better and more fun experience.

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