Daily Horde and Escape Challenge Map, Modifiers, and Rewards (Part 1)

Well, the downside is my cards didn’t show up after the last 7 restarts.

744k now

Yikes😆. This is a new standard for bugs in the game.

Stopped at 851k now. But all my stuff is also back and seems to work now.


Horde Daily: Reactor
Beginner: 200 GC
Advanced: 4 cards
Inconceivable: 1 legendary
Modifiers: Ghost Enemies, More Health, Reflective Shell Heavies, Long Range Gambit, More Lethal, Freezing Sniper Bullets, Survivor*

Escape Daily: The Corruption
Beginner: 200 GC
Advanced: 4 cards
Inconceivable: 1 legendary

Weekly: Venom Run
00:25:00 500GC
00:15:00 10k CXP
00:08:00 20k CXP

Added for difference between two threads.


Didn’t we have the Corruption yesterday?


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Yup. And the weekly is also a repeat when the full 32 cycle wasn’t finished yet.

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Saturday or Sunday I think. I remember playing it with our esteemed marsupial moderator friend @GhostofDelta2.


Damage in the venom counts towards the 50% movement boost on the Striker.

I went like Sonic on Venom run. Zoom zoom.

Meanwhile on my end, the hive was once again proving that it just has to be the biggest ■■■■■■■■■■■■ ever in the entire game.

I’m never playing it with both venom speed modifiers ever again.

Lol is it something new for this class? I haven’t really played as striker.

The new passive of the class. Gives you a speed boost whenever you’re shot/hit.

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Slugger can indeed reach complete invincibility to explosives. Also lets you detonate a frag grenade when you’re DBNO and still be alive. It’s kind of amusing to run up to Drones, tag them and just stand there giggling like a fool and survive without a scratch.
Power Shot’s damage boost applies at all times. None of the Heavy Weapons of course don’t get the boost.
Tough Skin says ballistic, but seems to apply to all kinds of damage.

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My coins are going up now with skill cards buggy, gonna keep restarting the game until its fixed.

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I Can’t imagine how many coins y’all veterans that play on Masters only will get from duplicate cards. Especially those around from OP 1 . If only there was a loan program or give away for those in need. :wink:

I now have several skill cards I actually had maxed down to one and then after a few restarts up a few levels, but definitely not right level. I know what level there were bc I was working on getting them maxed.

So man I hope they fix it for those that had everything maxed and then back to 1. Only consolation would be having something to spend the zillions of coins on to get some back.

God, Venom Run is such a stupid, gimmicky-■■■ hive. If it has to be the weekly or daily, it shouldn’t give cards or XP, because only like two classes are really viable on it.

Yeah Venom Run is a pretty rubbish hive, although the target times are doable on lower difficulties, so you can take a few mutators off. I think last time it was a weekly it had a harder target time, but it was still doable on insane (with score boost cards). I think someone on here might even have managed it on elite.

Also just to add a suggestion, if you have a friend who is happy to carry you, I’d suggest going in two player. If say, your friend plays as a stronger optimal class, they can carry you, and if you die then there’ll just be one MIA penalty (whereas if you go in as a 3-player team you risk 2 MIA penalties if 2 of you die).

Actually, I want to carry my friends, but I want to get the XP for my Slugger first.

I didn’t mean that in a negative way. But if you want the CXP for the Slugger, then like it or not, you are essentially going to have to be carried if you try higher difficulties on this hive. I’m not suggesting that you can’t carry others using other classes, but as you say, on the hardest difficulties this hive is only really suited to a handful of classes.

Friend hosts, you carry and quit out before the gate closes. Afterwards your friend can carry your Slugger.