Daily Horde and Escape Challenge Map, Modifiers, and Rewards (Part 1)

I dunno, fellas, trying to be logged in to an online game while an update is being pushed just seems foolhardy to me.


Exactly why they should just take it offline.

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Huh, some cards have duplicates on them still, some don’t.

Some classes don’t have any cards equipped, some do.

Body too similiar blabla yes that’s the point. Stupid system.

So the weekly hive is already repeating itself and only 5 days left until reset?

See? That would make sense.

So anyone else have a problem when you have all your cards and skins. You equip cards but when you load into the match ( Escape in my instance) you don’t have any skills equipped.

This is a common issue every time there’s a New Update on the game.

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Funny thing is it never happened to me in previous ops

I had to reset them three times now, twice fully, and once when only a few of the cards went missing in the loadout.

Also, my Nomad’s Concussive Rounds got reset to level 1 with 51 duplicates and I’m undecided if I should get it back to level 6 or wait for it to fix itself.

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My cards are still reset so I will wait several hours and see if it fixes itself. Otherwise, it is ticket/tagging time.

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Pretty sure it’s just the servers derping out real hard.

I figured so I imagine it will be fixed in a few hours.

Is it me or did the damage from enemies increase for horde?

I thought that as well.Also just finished a match on one of the tile maps and it didn’t track for the frenzy achievement.

So looks like they didn’t really figure out that 100k cap. I’m at 660k rn.


So… what’s the deal with the daily/weekly Escape challenges?

Just now it was The Barracks (daily); and The Wanderer (weekly), but now it is Corruption (daily) and Venom Run (weekly).

The Horde daily was previously the new map Ephyra, but is now Reactor.

I also noticed that the TOD now reads correctly “week 1 of 11” instead of “week 3 of 11”.


Nvm, 720k.

I have to boot up my game, not that I have even close to that many