Daily Horde and Escape Challenge Map, Modifiers, and Rewards (Part 1)

During the Nexus event I was in a match where all (or possibly all but one) players went DBNO, and a drone started a long execution on me. But suddenly a lambent assaulted the drone and killed it, and I was then able to get up and revive the others. I thought that was kind of funny, and hopefully an intended possibility with having the lambent included. IMO a round should only fail when all players are dead, not just DBNO.

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Just had exactly the same thing happen on wave 40, all down and someone quit. Ai got one up and then we were saved and went on to win the match. Weirdly I’ve never seen that happen before.

No dailies and no weekly until OP7 drops.


What a sad day we live in if there are no Dailies posted at this time :frowning:

Hehe you and I both have exactly 1 600 iron. Hehe.


So the weekly has to be either Clock or Past Hive, right? Unless of course Past Hive isn’t in the rotation, which seems to be the case considering that it hasn’t shown up a single time.

Here’s hoping it’s Clock with some dope rewards but a -2:30:00 requirement for the golden time.

Probably missed something but am I the only one who all of a sudden has lost the markza mastery cards?

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Oh boi, it begins.

Oh and inner fire for Cole WTF!

Did you download something yet?

And Phoenix Armor…


No not yet :frowning:

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TU should be live now. I’m not gonna launch my game though. Ngl, kinda scared right now.

I can’t see my skill cards at all now, update must have started.

Edit: Update has started, 4.92GB for Series X

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Mine is a little different…

And it’s not just Demolitions too. Have the same thing happen to my Marksman’s Longshot Handling card; and multiple Brawler cards. At least I have excess cards. I haven’t counted or kept count of what I hard previously, but I previously had maxed out every single class and every single skill card. No idea of how many duplicates I had though. It’s possible for me at least, that once I’ve re-upgraded everything, that the remaining duplicates will amount to what I previously had.

Vet the worst so far two of his cards are back to 1. If it’s like that post update I’m going to be a sad panda.

Yup, 5,6GB patch just went live.


Restart console, download the patch and check again.

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Well, it begins. Smaller than I thought it’d be. How big was Op6 again?

Around 5.4GB on PC, 5GB on Series X, its about the same (probably a bit less) than Op6.

Yeah as I had no or few dupes it’s set mine to zero. Started the update and going out. See if it fixes itself once the update is done. Can’t say I’m hopeful.